We took a break this week from our regularly scheduled programming, so I (The Husband) took advantage of the void and devised another ELC. This one is all about my own childhood travels, but don’t worry, that won’t help in your answers! This is a location within England, but there are no metal monoliths planted there!

By the way, as a scientist, I feel the need to ensure that everyone understands the meaning of the word “monolith”.  It comes from Latin: “mono” means “one”, and “lith” comes from “lithos”, meaning “stone”. So you can’t have a “metal monolith”! I digress…

view of ocean from the cliff
Photo by Som Thapa Magar on Pexels.com

Here we go, and enjoy the puzzle:

ELC Episode 15

Answers in the replies below, or directly to thetravelachitectblog@gmail.com

Good Luck, and happy hunting.

The Husband

12 thoughts

  1. I appreciate your comment on the word monolith, as a scientist. But as a linguist will tell you, words often evolve beyond their original meaning. You could probably dissect most English words and find quite diverse origins.

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  2. Absolutely no idea! The isle of Wight sprung to mind but for no logical reason so I’m not confident at all in that answer haha. I’ll stick with it and wait for the big reveal!

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