Podcast episode 74 is available by clicking below.  It is also available on iTunes, Pocket Cast, and Spotify under the travel architect.

You can tell the husband wants to boo and hissssssssssss at my joke, but the national day is a win and takes on a life of its own, worming its way into the whole nook-shotten show.  After a challenging, stretch-mouthed Travel Quiz, we start a 10-episode look at US-based bucket-list destinations.  Following that, we launch into a knotty-pated smattering of travel thises and thats, from my new luggage’s maiden voyage to CDC travel guidelines to what it’s like to travel in COVID times to travel as an essential activity. I end with some motley-minded whining about how not having summer travel plans is practically killing me (prompting the fat-kidneyed husband to rudely taunt that he has summer travel plans).  What?  You thought give details about our recent trip to southern California?  Patience, good fellow, you enchanting, heaven-hued turtle-dove.

Episode 74: Thy Father is a Gorbellied Codpiece

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  1. Interesting listening to this four months on. Hope you managed to figure out some summer plans, I can definitely relate to going crazy due to no summer travel plans. I still have nothing booked but have 3 weeks off in September.
    Hopefully you’ll figure out some UK plans. Americans are able to visit now without having to quarantine, sadly still no news going the other way 😦

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    1. Welcome back, Jason! Our summer travel plans are over and done with. We went to California Wine Country: https://thetravelarchitect.wordpress.com/2021/07/09/california-wine-country-part-1-arriving-in-napa/
      I do hope you can find somewhere interesting to go in Sept. Seems like the UK’s Delta problem is winding down, whereas ours is ramping up. We know about the quarantine-free travel for vaccinated Americans, but the requirement of a negative COVID test to reenter the US is still a deal breaker for us. Our next hope is to visit at Christmastime. 🤞

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      1. Thanks, catching up on reading and podcasting so I’ll get to that post soon hopefully and read about what you got up to haha.
        It does seem more hopeful here and I think I’ll definitely travel somewhere, I’m just reluctant booking anything too early.
        Fingers crossed you’ll make it over for Christmas!

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