When life’s getting you down, it’s important to stay positive and remember all the little things that make you happy.  Here are some very little things that make my life just that little bit better.

Kicking off fender fudge:

The husband will be the first to tell you all the drawbacks of living in a state that regularly sets temperature and snowfall records.  Granted, the polar vortexes, treacherous commutes, and daily windshield scraping can leave a person longing for swaying palms. But believe it or not, there are many wonderful things about living in the north during winter, or what the husband sarcastically calls the best seven months of the year.  These include things like white Christmases, snowshoeing & skiing, weather-related school cancellations, and of course, fender fudge.

Not long ago, as I approached my car to run errands, I discerned that the temperature was just right for a fender fudge release party.  With uncontained delight, I walked around my snow-encrusted automobile and spent several enjoyable minutes kicking away at the snowy masses, watching with pleasure as they dislodged from my car in great wheel-well-shaped clumps, each one hitting the pavement with a satisfying splunkshchhh.

Tearing perforations:

The satisfaction is both auditory and tactile.  The delightful zzzziiiiipppp sends a little shiver down my spine.  Gets me every time.


Shuffling cards:

There’s just something about achieving the perfectly executed riffle-bridge combination; it’s gratifying on a visceral level.  I believe, scientifically speaking, it tickles the same part of the brain as perforation-ripping.  And probably drugs.  I daresay this should be the next area of exploration in addiction treatment research.

Tearing off a citrus peel in one long piece:

Having a bill that ends up in an exact dollar amount:

The receipt below was so close.  I actually spent some time pondering how I could have spent differently to achieve an exact $100.00.  That would have been a real day brightener!  Instead, I got to hear the husband whinge about two bags of groceries costing a hundred bucks.  (You should see his liquor store receipts. Oh wait.  You’re about to.)

Receipt 2

Feeling cheated,  I sat back and waited . . . for several months.

receipt 3
Liquor store receipt.  I like the even dollar amount.  I don’t like the total, and this is when he’s being “thrifty.”

Pulling rabbit fur tufts:

Alas, with the passing of our beloved bun this past summer, this is no longer something I can look forward to.  With our new bun, an English Angora, we find huge clumps on the floor – no pulling required.  So instead, we are learning to find satisfaction in the weekly electric shaving ritual.  A two-human/one-rabbit job, it’s mostly an exercise in awkward bunny yoga poses and stress management, but every so often a pass of the razor grabs a satisfyingly hefty clump of fur and, for a split second, all is right with the world . . .

Widget tufts
Near the end of the any shedding cycle, our bun’s fur always begged to be detufted.

So what little things are oddly satisfying to you?

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  1. I’m with you on tearing perforations; I make origami from time to time, and I do like the sensation of a clear cut, without any jagged ends! Another very-satisfying thing I’ve come across is timing myself on a run/during a workout, and for the time to come out to an even number (e.g. 8:00-minute flat for a mile, etc). Enjoying the little things in life really make it all the more worth living for!

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  2. Kicking fender fudge…yesssssssss! Also pulling off tufts of my dog’s fur is immensely satisfying. But I’m not with you on the orange peels. Gross, sticky, no no no. Having to peel is the #1 reason I don’t eat oranges. If someone does it for me (and separates the slices), I’ll eat them. Otherwise, no.

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    1. Haha! I’m not a big orange-eater either, though not for the reasons you mentioned. I just don’t like them that much. I only buy one occasionally to steep in my hot cider. Have you tried tangelos? Much better on every front: peeling, seeds (what seeds?), and taste. But of everything I mentioned, kicking off fender fudge is the best – it’s what inspired this post!


  3. Hey there ! Made me smile the store receipts. I like the way they organise the food groups. But whoa $2.99 for a baguette ? Our food is too cheap in the UK. Did you know I’ve been making sourdough bread since LD1 but I’ve yet to make make baguettes. I’ll give it a go and save myself $2.99! Also I’m doing Vegan-uary. Check out my FB page Catherine Dale xx

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  4. Ooo ooo, mine is having the luxury to sit on the couch in the morning, just staring at nothingness with a cup of tea or coffee.

    Second one is, after wearing socks on a long day, finally taking them out and scratching where the elastic band had been gripping at my calf.

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  5. If you had bought .405 lb. of garlic instead of .44 lbs., you would have spent exactly $100. I hope that extra little bit of garlic was worth it!

    “Fender fudge”…ha. I’m newish to the Midwest. Had no idea that’s what it was called, but I know it well.

    As a writer, I like it when my sentences end up almost-justified. I will sometimes substitute words just to make this happen.

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  6. Oh my, I absolutely love this post! Citrus peel in one piece! Sound of the cards shuffling! The exact receipts. 🙂 Here are a few of mine: the dip you feel when you walk on a sidewalk cellar door; folding floppy cloth napkins; the scuffing sound when walking on gravel; and, as you know, a perfectly packed grocery bag! In any event, love your writing and am really enjoying your site.


    1. You were right – this was in the span folder… along with several other people’s comments that shouldn’t have been there. I’ve freed it from its captivity and am now able to respond: Thank you! Sounds like you have the makings of your own “little things” post. You’ve made my day with your kind words.

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