The rationale:

I like to travel.

I like to bake.

I don’t like gaining weight, but I’m willing to take some calorie bullets to bring you recipes inspired by our travels.  That is the cause.

Thus I bring you Calories for a Cause: Travel-Inspired Baking.

The rules:

  • I can only publish recipes for baked goods that originated in countries I’ve visited.*
  • I need not have eaten the food while in the country, but in many cases I have.
  • Baked goods only.  Most of the time this will mean desserts or breakfast sweets, but I can think of at least one savory baked good that I plan to include.
*This is a real shame, because it means that until I get to Denmark, I can’t give you my recipe for Danish dough and all the pastries it makes: bear claws (bjørn klo), mock braid (wienerfläta), pecan snails (sneglar), or Danish envelopes (konvolute).   😦
bear claw pastry
Bear claws.  Grrrr…

The regulations:

This being first and foremost a travel blog, I can’t just give you a recipe.  That would be wrong.  There at least has to be a travel story… maybe a picture or two… at the very least, a link to one of my travel posts.  Who says I don’t know how to self-promote?!

Happy reading!

Happy baking!

Happy eating!

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    1. Thank you! There are two up already. Kinda did things backward. This “rules” post should have come out before any recipes did. It was a page vs. category interface/drop down menu thing that I had to sort out on my blog. This post fixed that problem.

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