A Strange American Christmas Tradition?

5 thoughts on “A Strange American Christmas Tradition?”

  1. I have never written nor enjoyed reading Christmas letters…that is, until the Travel Architect’s (TA) Christmas letter rolled into my mailbox. If TA’s Christmas letters go the way of the Dodo bird, I’m cancelling Christmas 🙂

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  2. In an effort to take holiday greetings beyond the multi-page Christmas letter accompanied by photo-shopped pictures of random family, I have a new patented concept. This will involve a card showing glamorous strangers on yachts and sunbathing in Tahiti. The card will include a smell feature that will cause the distinctive odor of low tide to permeate your home. The message will be along the lines of “We are great as you can see. Have to go now- the helicopter out to the yacht is ready to leave. Ciao!” That should cut down on the number of future cards/letters you receive. All rights reserved.

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