A Travel Running Run-In

22 thoughts on “A Travel Running Run-In”

  1. Travel architect… you seem quite star crossed in your various travels. Maybe if you cut back on dog harassment and trespassing on private property, your trips would be less crisis oriented. I would suggest that you consider re-naming your blog “The Travel Anarchist”. And pay attention to the rules at KOA – no gambling, pagan rituals, or other disorderly behavior.

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    1. You may be onto something Dave, but you really should be directing your scolding at the husband. He is whom I generally like to blame when something goes wrong on our travels. As for KOA, I just speed-read their 1058-page International Rules & By-Laws for KOA USA, (which, for you travelers out there, would make an outstanding beach or airplane read) and in Article 66.6, paragraph 13, it clearly states (I’m paraphrasing here) that they not only welcome, but actively encourage all practitioners of Wicca, witchcraft, and paganism.


  2. I was chased by a dog in rural WV when visiting my mom. In fact, looking back I’ve been chased by dogs when running in WV several times. After the last time (maybe 4-5 years ago) I decided to not run in that state anymore. lol. I’ve run all over the world and other than the occasional odd look (I guess no one else in those towns ever ran for fun), not much happened. Too bad I don’t have anymore exciting stories to tell.

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  3. I don’t run, but years ago we went on a bicycling adventure with a group of friends. We were cycling around the NC Outer Banks and barrier islands. It was a disaster of a trip, not in small part because a hurricane had come through the week before. Bridges were out, as were live displaced confused snakes in the roads, everywhere we biked. I still shudder thinking about dodging them and the huge puddles as we rode along.


    1. That is absolutely dreadful. My dog and rancher experiences don’t hold a candle to befuddled snakes. Even growling dogs, though scary, don’t have that “creepy” factor. Yuck. See, this is why I need to watch where we end up for our fall trip. I’m very wary of those destinations that are hurricane-prone…

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  4. Haha, I loved this post 😊. The sight of you being changed by a pack of wild dogs made me smile (sorry about that!) But most importantly – running…why? Why oh why oh why? I’ve got a bad hip and haven’t run since I was in my early 20’s…honest.

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  5. Amazing post!! Wow, you have had some adrenaline pumping adventures. I was chased by a stray dog in the Galapagos and it was frightening enough. I had to turn and confront it to get it to back off. I cannot imagine a pack of them. Smart thinking on your part.

    Glad your run in Colorado turned out ok. Those are the stories that are frightening at the time, but great stories to tell years later. You have some great ones 😀👍

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      1. Oh, I wouldn’t say I was brave. It was pretty scary. I more-or-less didn’t know what else to do. It followed me from town onto the beach, then tried charging me when I turned my back to walk away. Luckily, I heard it running at me. I just turned to face it and stood my ground and it backed off.

        Like I said, I cannot imagine what you must have felt with more than one.

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    1. Clearly you paid much more attention in Catholic school than I did. Thanks for drawing my attention to my revisionist history. Your reward is the eternal admiration (from the great beyond) of all the teacher-nuns who were ever mean to you.


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