Podcast episode 112 is available by clicking below.  It is also available on iTunes, Pocket Cast, and Spotify under the travel architect.

St. Patrick’s Day is done and gone, but the luck of the Irish must still be with you, because in addition to the joke you get a mini language/culture lesson. Further, there are not one, but two national days. One involves shameless self-promotion and the other is a slap in the face to anyone who sees snow when they look out their back window. The husband’s Travel Quiz will have you appreciating most of the flights you take, even if they seem long and boring. The rest of the time we talk Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica: getting there, being there, and getting home from there. Tales of confiscated weaponry, underwater animal attacks, and broken planes await! It’ll Jamaica you crazy!

Episode 112: Jamaican Me Crazy

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  1. March 17 marked the one-year anniversary of our first bar trivia night ever. I’m embarrassed to admit that we blew every single point we’d earned because we did not know what St. Patrick’s Day officially celebrated. Turns out it marks the death of our titular hero. At least I’ll never not know that again!

    Just don’t ask me what Christmas stands for. I still get tripped up on that one…

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  2. Spending 22 hours in the air sounds cray. I feel like I’d grow claustrophobic. Don’t like being stuck somewhere and not have the option to bail. I was complaining enough on eight-hour journeys, lol. The actual commute is the part I don’t look forward to when travelling. Especially when there are lotsa transits. Thankfully, I haven’t experienced anything super long-haul yet!


  3. Actually, judging New Jersey based off Newark airport isn’t too far off haha! I don’t hate flying, by any means, but I certainly wouldn’t want to fly for 18 hours and land in New Jersey.


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