Breckenridge doesn’t have hot springs.  It doesn’t need to. What it lacks in mineral-infused waters Breck makes up for with downhill skiing, cycling, hiking, a fun farmers’ market, great main street shopping, and scenery that makes flatlanders swoon. Though I’d been to Breckenridge several times before, it was always in the form of day trips.  Wanting to partake of several of the aforementioned activities, we required a longer stay, so we tacked the mountain town onto the end of our Hot Springs Loop, Part I itinerary.

The Lodge: car- and camper-friendly.

Research into the area’s only RV camping with hookups, Tiger Run Resort (boo, hiss), revealed Bobbie is too length-challenged to meet their snooty dimension criteria (hiss, boo). Ergo, I was forced to seek out a hotel that could accommodate both a car and a camper in its parking lot, a big ask in a town that, like Georgetown, is literally nestled between mountains and doesn’t have vast acreage to give over to idle vehicles. I found it just outside of town at the top of a winding mountain road. Ascending it, the husband remarked that it was a lot like being in the opening scene of The Shining . . . minus the lake . . . and the creepy music . . . and the rolling credits.

So, not like The Shining at all.

Here’s Johnny? Thankfully not.

Though considerably more wallet-busting than Tiger Run would have been (don’t get me wrong, Tiger Run wasn’t cheap either, just cheap by comparison—this is Breckenridge, Colorado, after all), The Lodge at Breckenridge included a nice room with sweeping views of the Tenmile Range.

If there was a balcony, I wouldn’t have to take pictures through a window!

So, except for the skiing, we did the things one does while in Breckenridge. The husband cycled up Loveland Pass, and though he’s already completed his Dust-Farm-Pail List goal of cycling up the five tallest bits of asphalt in the continental US, in summiting Loveland, he’s chipping away at the next five.

We shopped the shops, and while Breck isn’t as quirky as Leadville, it has it’s share of goofiness.

Uhhh. . . I think St. Louis might have a thing or two to say about that.

Always planning ahead, I asked a stranger to take a picture for the Christmas card.


And we ate at Empire Burger.  When in Breck, we always eat at Empire Burger.


The only way the town let us down (aside from Tiger Run—hiss, boo) was with an unjust parking ticket. We arrived in town early, much too early to check into our hotel.  What to do? Go to the Farmers Market, of course.  But where to stow a truck with a wheeled home hanging off the back? In the town’s paid parking lot on the north end of town. What we didn’t realize was that there were specific spots along the edges of the lot that were for cars with trailers attached.  Instead, we took up two parking spaces in the middle of the lot.  The totally empty lot. Here’s where the husband and I disagree: I could have sworn we paid for two parking spots. He says we didn’t. Either way, had we parked along the periphery and just paid for one spot, we wouldn’t have gotten a ticket.

Here’s where we parked. It was this empty the entire time.
There’s where we were supposed to have parked. Yes, had we read the wordy sign more carefully we would have seen we were technically in the wrong, but c’mon. Let’s be reasonable.

Incensed, the husband contested the fine via a digital form he was directed to on the ticket, but when you’re pleading for mercy from the very people who issued the ticket? Good luck.

This guy took up two spots right next to us. There was no ticket on HIS windshield!

The husband fumed about the fine for days, but I refused to let it steal my joy. Besides, we had more important things to focus on. We’d come to this town with a lofty goal—literally and figuratively—in mind, our raison d’être for coming to Breckenridge in the first place. It was time to bag another 14er, and when you’re in Breckenridge, that 14er is Quandary Peak . . .

The journey, in universum:

43 thoughts

  1. That’s a trumped-up ticket if ever there was one! I’d be annoyed, too. It would only make sense if there were at least a few other cars in the lot!

    Having said that, what a gorgeous room (and there are shades of The Shining in that scenery). I’ve never been to Breckenridge, though obviously I’ve seen plenty of other parts of Colorado.

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  2. My husband and yours would get along well. He’s been known to drive around for half an hour to avoid paid parking.
    And once again you’ve made me move Colorado up on my bucket list. The views are stunning.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. True, although everyone I’ve talked to who’s had a direct domestic flight (including mine to San Diego about a week ago) have had no problems. I think it’s the flights to Europe that are really messed up. Then again, there’s always, what, 3 solid days in the car just to reach Colorado from Maine? Maybe 4? ROAD TRIP!!!

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  3. I’ve only heard of Breckinridge in passing, but it looks to be a worthwhile place to go (minus The Shining resemblance)! Your hotel room is so rustic-looking, and it really does capture the essence of nature/camping (all the while being comfortable and luxurious, of course!). That burger is to die for (that cheese pull, yum!) and although the parking ticket wasn’t great, it appears you didn’t let that inconvenience stop you from enjoying your time in Breckinridge. Glad you’re enjoying the summer and all of the travels!

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  4. Question about the wheeled home on the back of the truck — did you drive that all the way to Colorado? And is it too nosy to ask what goes in it? I’m really into things that hang from cars. 🙂

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      1. Thank you! I read some of the entertaining series about Bobbie and how you refer to him as a son. 🙂 I didn’t realize that they are like little houses! And he goes to “camp” in the winter. 🙂

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  5. Wow, what a lovely place to stay at! The views from your room are one of the best that I’ve seen in a long time. I bet it’s beautiful throughout the year, especially during the season of golden aspen when the colourful trees are set against the majestic backdrop of the towering peaks. I am glad to see you had a great time, well, apart from the parking ticket! Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

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    1. Oh, gosh. Well, #1 has got to be Leadville – it has a special place in our hearts. But we also love Telluride, Breckenridge, Aspen, Durango, Buena Vista, Salida, Ouray. Now we really like Glenwood Springs. Don’t make me pick!

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  6. What a gorgeous area, and a fantastic room to take it all in, but yeah, I’m with you on the lack of balcony. Why on Earth would you NOT offer outdoor space when the rooms have THAT view? Such a missed opportunity.

    Sorry about the parking ticket. I could totally understand them ticketing you for the oversight (assuming there even was one) if the lot was full, but when it’s dead empty like that? Really? That just seem petty. Ah, well. Karma is a B and she rarely lets me down. So, here’s hoping!

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  7. What a lovely tour of a place I could probably not visit in my life. That’s an amazing hotel room, with a wonderful view too. Lovely pictures, and I admire how the husband has an aim and is actually tackling them one by one. Thanks for another wonderful post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the compliments. One of the husband’s enviable qualities is setting goals and mastering them. It goes along with his general persistence where I just throw up my hands and throw in the towel. (I possess some good qualities, though!)


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