Podcast episode 97 is available by clicking below.  It is also available on iTunes, Pocket Cast, and Spotify under the travel architect.

The husband is finished with school for the summer but I have a week left.  This epic injustice sets the tone for today’s pod, as is reflected in my joke. We then reminisce about VCRs and offer unsolicited opinions on Top Gun: Maverick. The Travel Quiz pays homage to the late Charles Kuralt, peripatetic reporter that he was. We learn about a hoity toity new hotel in Minnesota and a hoity toity RV park in Colorado.  One will welcome us and take our money, the other will not. We give an update on our rat-tampered sewer and how its fix has forced us to change our upcoming journey. We end the pod with one unanswered question: Will we via ferrata or won’t we?

Episode 97: School’s Out For Some…er

Previous blog posts referenced or hinted at in this episode:

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  1. No, you are not dinosaurs for still buying movies. Your hubby echoes my sentiments about owning vs. streaming! As you know, I’m Team Physical Copy, too.

    And I agree that Top Gun: Maverick is even better than the original.

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  2. You can tell the husband that I enjoyed this weeks travel quiz because I learned some useful travel planning info. Rocky Mountain National Park in February is incredible! If you ever want to experience it, I’ll be your tour guide so you don’t get lost.

    Enjoy Colorado! I’ll be here through June 17th so it would be fun to meet up if it works with your schedule.

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    1. So glad the quiz was helpful. I thought of you when he mentioned RMNP in winter – you’ve done some really nice posts on it. I’ll take you up on that guiding offer!

      We’re making a quick pit stop in Denver to have breakfast with a friend, but then we’ve got to push on to Glenwood, but I haven’t given up hope that we can meet up either here or there (or anywhere) one of these days!

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      1. One of these days we will make it work. Enjoy your trip! I hope the weather cooperates for you. After multiple May snowstorms, it seems to *finally* be summer here.

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