Nobody would ever accuse me of being a skilled photographer, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to capture images as I move about the planet.  I’m especially intrigued by unique doors.  Below are some doors I’ve photographed over the years on our domestic and international travels.  Enjoy!

London (1)
London, England
Rome (15)
Rome, Italy
Chur, Switzerland (16)
Chur, Switzerland
Laos Choy's Home Village Ban Pak Cheak (23)
Ban Pak Cheak, Laos
Marcolés, France
Buena Vista, CO
Buena Vista, Colorado, USA
Porto Venere (9)
Porto Venere, Italy
Chur, Switzerland (1)
Chur, Switzerland
Varenna & Lake Como (4)
Varenna, Lake Como, Italy
Florence, Italy
Southwest US (2)
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Buena Vista, Colorado, USA

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83 thoughts

  1. These are such beautiful photos and these are such beautiful doors. I love doors, too; they are a first glimpse into the heart of a home. There is even a special name – “Doortraits” – dedicated to capturing portraits of them. Back in seventeenth century Dutch artists had a passion for painting doors and windows; they wanted to simultaneously represent both home and street life. Thanks for sharing and have a good day. I enjoyed your photos very much. Aiva 😊

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      1. Valters cousin lives in Amsterdam with her family. Over the years, by re-visiting Holland, I’ve learned a few things about the way they live their lives and know a few historical facts. 😀

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  2. I love interesting doors, too. Thank you to ourcrossings for that history lesson!
    Travel Architect, did you find it weird that everyone in Buena Vista Colorado pronounces it Beeyoona Vista?
    Makes me nuts!

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  3. Hi there, pretty neat post, never would I ever think I would look at doors and keep scrolling for more! =) I enjoyed it! Thanks. When we went backpacking in 2018 we were entertained by the clever bathroom signage in different countries. haha Some of the funniest were in Central America. You should check them out on our posts. lol

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