Watch Your Language!

10 thoughts on “Watch Your Language!”

  1. Konnen sie das bitte wiederholen? Veilen danke.

    P.S. The auto correct function on my phone hated this response. The phone is one more auto correct from destruction at this point.

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  2. Such an awesome article. I currently know enough Spanish to get around in Spanish speaking countries, but would like to become more fluent. Learning a third language would be a dream! And I saw your reference to the Sahara Ultra Marathon. Have you seen the documentary “Desert Runners”? I would love to complete one of the four one of these years.

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  3. I speak three languages fluently and have compartmentalized them so fully I tend to struggle to translate even the most basic sentences when caught of guard. However, I have no idea how I did it. So alas all the help I can give you is let you know it is possible. Buena suerte!

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    1. Muchas gracias. You are so talented to be able to speak three languages fluently. I can get by in French and Spanish, and I’m grateful for that, but definitely not fluent. On a side note, it’s funny how my elementary students declare in all seriousness that they speak, say, Chinese, because their friend taught them 2 words in Chinese. I don’t want to burst your bubble kiddo, but…
      Oh, and I almost forgot – welcome back to the bloggosphere. I was worried you’d left us for good. Glad to see you were just taking a little break. I actually mentioned it to the husband. I was like, “I wonder where A Restless Traveler is. I hope she’s OK and nothing bad has happened.”

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      1. I’d like to say it was talent but really it was just luck, having parents from different nationalities means I had no option in the matter. Further proof is that all my adult attempts at learning a 4th language have never taken me very far.

        As for my disappearance fear not, I’m here to stay. Just had my best friend over visiting me for the holidays and had no time left for blogging.

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