(I can’t believe it’s only the second post on my travel blog and already I’m off topic, but last night, as I was dining on pizza and red wine with the husband, this quirky behavior came up, and a random musing was born.)

Today is the start of a four-day weekend and to my mind, that calls for a celebration, so I went to the local gourmet donut shop (you know, the kind that’s 20 minutes one-way by car and has donuts that cost, like, $3.00 each but you just don’t care because they are that good, and heck, since it took a long time just to get there, you’d better get at least half a dozen to make that drive worthwhile and because after today you’re going to control yourself and not go back there for at least a month) and picked up a few heavenly sugar bombs.

Now that I’m home, I have my donut and coffee in perfect proportion. One whole donut to one whole coffee.


I have noticed, however, that I am compelled to keep the donut bites and coffee sips in proportion, because there’s nothing worse than taking your last bite of donut and still having a lot of coffee left, except perhaps taking your last sip of coffee and having some donut left. Total bliss (followed immediately by profound sadness) is achieved when the last bite of donut and the last sip of coffee are consumed within seconds of each other.

Got distracted by crossword.  Disaster!

“Wait,” you are thinking. “Don’t be so anal. Just get another cup of coffee.” “You wait,” I reply with just the slightest bit of snark in my voice. This is no ordinary cup of coffee. This is a latte, and by my mathematical calculations (though math is not my strong suit) and with the help of my Lose It® app, that latte clocks in at 86 calories, so just getting another latte, as you so cavalierly suggest, is a dangerous foray into caloric excess. And besides, how do you know I didn’t already have a pre-donut latte (which I almost certainly did)? Thus, I must continue my hypervigilant attention to even consumption with regard to coffee and donuts*—and actually go to the donut shop only once a month.

*Ditto for pizza and red wine.

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  1. Sometimes I just go on this crazy rush towards insulin death and just score a box of donuts along with ice-cream. Those days work well to satisfy my cravings while making sure I never touch sugar for another month or two. Your enjoyment of the coffee-donut process reminds me of that, lol.

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