Podcast episode 107 is available by clicking below.  It is also available on iTunes, Pocket Cast, and Spotify under the travel architect.

In this, our last episode of 2022, we turn the tables for the second time in a few months. After giving an overview of his insane Twelve Days of Christmas Swim Workout, the husband makes a meager attempt at a joke and then once again does the National Day incorrectly.  Researching the travel suitability of Albania led to a Travel Quiz by yours truly that greatly frustrates the husband, putting him squarely in my shoes for once. After a few listener comments, I talk about this technophobe’s first experience changing a flight online (spoiler alert: it was easy and nothing bad happened—a Christmas miracle indeed) and how we got reservations at our Jamaican couples’ resort in just the nick of time. We discuss the latest updates for Death Valley, including a sweet stop in the wonderfully named Pahrump, Nevada. Then we talk Balkan road trips and World Cup losses before revealing the latest crackdowns on users of Delta Sky Club airport lounges . . . just as we’re about to start using them more frequently. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Joyful New Year, everyone! Thanks for listening and we’ll see you in 2023!

Episode 107: Am I Feeling Greece-y?

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11 thoughts

  1. Hey, I’ve been over the hump to Pahrump, as the locals say! Spent a whole day and night there once. There used to be a really good Italian restaurant called Tomasino’s, but it looks like they’re permanently closed. Too bad. It was a great and unexpected old-school experience complete with Frank Sinatra music and a clubby, dimly lit, red booth atmosphere. Plus, a pretty damn good cannoli!

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      1. That was back when Tara and I were dating long-distance. She lived in Ely and was still traveling around the state for work. I came out for a visit and she had some inspections in Pahrump, so we drove down there and I tagged along with her and a coworker. Only time I ever got to see her in action before she left that job to shack up with me in the PNW.

        We spent the night there, and she had a meeting the next morning, so I hung out in the hotel casino. I won a ridiculous amount on a penny slot machine there…something like $120 after spending 40 cents. Wisely, I quit at that point.

        I really do have some great memories of Pahrump! And, I’m still friends with somebody who lives there.


  2. Great travel quiz! I looked up the map. Surprised that there are quite a few countries, including ones I’ve been to, that seem to have no rating. Enjoy your break in the desert. I’ve just posted my last of the year as well. Catch you next year.

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      1. A snow storm is supposed to hit us tomorrow (Weds)… Hope it misses your route. We had one last week that closed the airport and eastern Colorado, a foot of snow in Steamboat Springs, but we just got a few flurries! Good luck!

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