After completing my first petsit – a dog-and-catsit in Seattle – my manic obsession was mostly quelled, but I was still eager to do one with the husband.  With our early summer Colorado trip planned and booked but still somewhat flexible, and with the lessons from the first sit on my mind, I began combing through the available housesits to find our next adventure.  It came in the form of a catsit in Beaver Creek, a gorgeous one-hour drive north of where we’d be staying in Leadville.

Beaver Creek petsit (92)
A happy, if temporary, family

Situated in a gated community near the town of Avon, this sit had three things my first sit lacked: a microwave, a TV, and a refrigerator door that opened all the way. 🙂  It also had a communal hot tub and heated pool (both of which we enjoyed in blissful solitude every single day), and a balcony overlooking the Beaver Creek Ski Area.

Beaver Creek petsit (69)
Don’t be fooled by the sunshine and blue sky.  It was cold!!

Most importantly, it had the coolest cat ever: Cosmo.

The husband is a natural cat-person, so Cosmo was on him in a flash and the inter-species bonding resulted in so many photos that my newish i-phone nearly began to smoke from camera overuse.

You’re seeing .00072% of the photos I took of Cosmo and the husband.

Beaver Creek petsit (78)
As you might have guessed…
Beaver Creek petsit (82)
… the husband was so busy snuggling Cosmo…
Beaver Creek petsit (88)
… that I didn’t get a single foot rub…
Beaver Creek petsit (101)
…the entire time we were there. 😦

After many days of intermittent wifi in Leadville, I spent my time at this well-equipped condo trying desperately to get caught up on reading blog posts. After a while, Cosmos decided to insinuate himself between me and the laptop screen.  At first I thought he wanted to comment on posts.

But then I realize his foot was actually just resting on a key and what he was really seeking was a snuggle.

When not cooing over our cuddly charge, or splashing around in the water, we explored the local area.  We visited the Minturn farmers’ market.

It was pretty small, and if you listened to Podcast Episode 9, you know it was something we found a little underwhelming.  However, I had to admire Minturn’s efforts at trying to keep up with Leadville in the quirkiness department.

We also explored the town of Edwards.  We thoroughly enjoyed the town’s bagel place – Village Bagel – where you can get alcoholic beverages with your morning bagel.  Yes please!

However, the main shopping street was eerie and mildly unsettling.  Nearly every on-street parking spot was filled, but there was barely a human in sight, either in the stores or on the sidewalks.  It was like there had been an alien abduction moments before we arrived.

Edwards, Colorado (11)
Plus, the Christmas lights were still up.  Weird.

Then of course there was the Vail farmers’ market, which you know is going to be good because… it’s Vail.  One stall had a tasty spiralized potato snack, which, once eaten, could double as a weapon in case the husband displeased me.

Vail Farmers' Market (5)
I told her I’d make Beaver Taters famous by putting it on my blog.
Vail Farmers' Market (6)
Delicious and deadly!
Vail Farmers' Market (8)
Paella?! Who eats paella at a Colorado farmers’ market? Wrong move, buddy… save it for Spain.

Although we didn’t spend much time in Avon, the town closest to Beaver Creek, I can enthusiastically recommend pastries from their Columbine Bakery.  They were on par with what you’d find in Europe.  Seriously.

Beaver Creek petsit (166)
I ate 80% of the pastries in this box.  I have a sickness.

So even though it either snowed (!) or rained much of the time we were there…

…after all our physical activity in Leadville,  it was nice to just relax with Cosmo.

We briefly considered catnapping him and taking him home with us… 😉

… but realized we wouldn’t get the 5-star review we were hoping for to ensure future petsits, not to mention the guaranteed fury from our own bun, so we reluctantly left him behind, and took only the photos and memories with us.

Miss you Cosmo!

29 thoughts

  1. Oh my, what a cuddly kitty! I wish I could be a cat mom again, but my daughter is quite allergic (despite growing up with a cat). Perhaps I should petsit…hmmmm? Anyways, loved your post (and Cosmo).



    1. I’ll forget you said that. That’s your nephew whose death you are prognosticating! Do you know that if we were in Medieval times and our bunny were king, your words would be considered treason, punishable by death?! 😉🐰


  2. And now I know why you were so up-to-date about CO when commenting on my blog. Your experiences there make it look wonderful. Such cute kitties. You’ve found a great way to see the USA without a Chevrolet.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a great pet-sit experience 🙂 Your Colorado posts have me wanting to head back to Vail, Leadville, and Minturn!

    I’m house and dog sitting for my sister right now. There isn’t much exciting to do in Flower Mound, Texas, however that’s actually kind of great. My quiet days are filled with picking (and eating) figs from the yard, tending their plot in the community garden, pool maintenance and quick dips to cool off, blogging and blog reading. Oh, and most importantly fun and snuggles with three awesome doggies!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. OMG. the pictures of cosmo and the hubby are HILARIOUS!!! great post too – yeah, paella in Vail – um no. haha. Glad you had a great time up there! I’ll have to try some of the bakeries you mentioned – always looking for a yummy pastry. have a great day you two!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Great post!!! I love the thought of a bloody mary and bagel in the morning. What a genius idea. You are really warming me up to this pet sitting thing. Seems like a great way to explore the country!

    Liked by 1 person

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