Podcast episode 109 is available by clicking below.  It is also available on iTunes, Pocket Cast, and Spotify under the travel architect.

As we embark upon a week of frigid temps in the Upper Midwest, we combat the chill by reminiscing about our recent stay in the warm desert, starting with the joke. The national day has nothing to do with deserts, or even travel for that matter, but it is celebrated in our house gleefully and often. I did unexpectedly well on the Travel Quiz (admittedly, a few hints were given) despite arcane clues like GVB, T, and L. We then dive headlong into recollecting our Christmas in Death Valley, including unexpected winners like Beatty, Nevada and surprising losers like the Area 51 Alien Center. We then learn that I have a big interview coming up and that we aren’t the only ones to commit accidental moving violations while vacationing in Europe.

*Correction: The husband just realized he misspoke about which desert Death Valley is part of. It’s the Mohave Desert. 

Episode 109: Speaking of Death . . .

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  1. I can only imagine how cold the Upper Midwest can get, but as for the Mohave Desert I’ve been there in August. I know how hot it can get. Either extreme doesn’t call to me, though… and don’t I sound like Goldie Locks!

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  2. It was -9 this morning, and as of this writing (10:30-ish), barely zero. Can’t really complain though, after the abnormally warm stretch the first few weeks of January. Stay warm and dream of the Mohave! Mojave?

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  3. How appropriate that I’m listening to the travel quiz while riding the light rail (also called RTD, by the way)! Red Rock Canyon looks really neat. I’m already hoping for Death Valley as a future Thanksgiving trip for us so I’ll have to add this to the itinerary.

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  4. You mentioned Artist’s Palette quickly and it sounded beautiful, so I looked up the images. How lovely and unusual! No one uses that name for Tokyo’s trains. I lived there for over 3 years and never heard of it. The trains, underground or above, are called by their “line” – I lived on the Keio (kayo) line. The Yamanote line was my favorite, a circle inside the city with all kinds of interesting stops.

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    1. Artist’s Palette is so pretty and unique, but it wasn’t the only place in Death Valley where we saw those unexpected colors. It was just the area with the highest concentration of them.

      Isn’t that interesting about the train name? I guess that’s the difference between looking something up on the Internet and actually being there! Thanks for the comment.

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