The Travel Architect & The Husband Team Up to Talk About Travel (Mostly)

Podcast episode 71 is available by clicking below.  It is also available on iTunes, Pocket Cast, and Spotify under the travel architect.

Things are atypical this week at the Travel Architect Podcast: the Arsenal Update comes before the joke and we dispense with the Travel Bucket List destination (gasp!) and the Travel Quiz (double gasp!!).  Instead, I interview the husband using the travel-related questions posed to me on my recent Outstanding Blogger Award post, as well as the questions I posed my nominees.  It’ll get you thinking about travel without all the stress associated with the Travel Quiz. We then muse over the way a certain car rental policy differs between the US and Europe, our autumn travel plans, and whether it’s acceptable to discuss future travel while traveling (of course it is).  The husband then expresses his strong opinion on whether we’ll see space travel in our lifetimes, and we end by scratching our heads over something called Cincinnati chili.  Huh?

Episode 71: Going Off-Piste

Previous blog posts referenced or hinted at in this episode:

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  1. 5-year-list of travel planning! It sounds like an addiction.

    Btw, during travel ban, it’s not a hobby that I developed, but I translated my favourite author’s favourite novel into English. It means so much to me.
    And the worst food I’ve ever eaten was in Warsaw, and I don’t know the name.
    I prefer sitting in cars and moving from one place to another.
    My worst accommodation was in Istanbul. It was recommended by friends and I got my revenge later ☺️.

    And I’m with the husband as that hotel space will not exist anytime soon.

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    1. Yes, a wonderful, fulfilling addiction! Who needs drugs or alcohol when you have travel planning? 🙂
      That’s amazing that you translated your favorite book. That must be a very rewarding feeling.
      Thanks for playing along with the non-quiz! A bad accommodation is bad enough, but when it came with recommendations from people you know? Ouch.

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  2. As someone who moved as an adult to the land of Cincinnati Chili I can say it’s an acquired taste. Plus you have to learn how to order it in the restaurant. For instance, I like a “four way bean” because a “five way” is too much– and yes it’s served on spaghetti. In my opinion the chili is best when used to make a hot dip for parties. It’s eaten with taco chips and is less intense than when on spaghetti.

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  3. Loved Anthony Bourdain’s stories, the way he warmed to people and learned about their culture, in addition to the food. Thrilled to have seen him in person, but it was a few months before he died and he seemed angry and bitter, so sad, not a happy man. Food: guinea pig in Peru, yak in Tibet, raw horse in Japan, some kind of crunchy insects in China. By the way, when I taught abroad I didn’t give up my home, I rented it out (and they paid off the mortgage for me over 8 years). There are ways to keep traveling and still have a base to come back to!

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  4. I found it interesting that the hubby is up for the digital nomad lifestyle but against thinking about future travel whilst traveling.
    I’ve done a few hostel stays on my travels but I think one in London would probably rank as one of my least favourite accommodations too – it wouldn’t be somewhere I’d stay again. That said, I can’t say I’ve had any really bad experiences. Reading the reviews etc goes a long way to pretty positive experiences with accommodation I think and I imagine that’s similar for yourselves.


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