Three Days in Seattle – A Petsitter’s Tale, Part 1: Petsitting

29 thoughts on “Three Days in Seattle – A Petsitter’s Tale, Part 1: Petsitting”

  1. I’ve been waiting to read about how your petsit went. Oscar is adorable, but you clearly were the substitute teacher. I haven’t been in a studio apartment in years either. I bet I’d have the same reaction that you did upon seeing/living in one again. Still you made a good go of it and snapped some beautiful photos along the way.

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  2. They’re so cute! Glad it was a success, but I’m eager to read more about Seattle. PNW has been on my list for sometime now. And I LOVE coffee shops and food in general. Can’t wait for your next post!

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  3. This post was fascinating!!! I have read so much about petsitting, but haven’t heard anyone’s experience with it before. You do a great job of laying out the pros and cons here too.

    But who doesn’t have a TV in 2019? That is crazy!

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      1. Definitely not a millennial 😀. Not that I watch a lot of TV, but I cannot imagine life without one. Even in the day and age of streaming on tablets and mobile devices. Guess I’m just old 😂

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  4. That sounds like a great experience, even if the studio was quite small. I’m trying to become more minimalist but draw the line at not being able to open a refrigerator door! I’m glad you had two sweet characters for companions. Oscar sounds like a trip. I haven’t pet-sit (pet-sat?) in ages but may have lined up a local gig in June that will get me a good recommendation for going through a website. One sweet dog, but she comes with four cats, oh my! I will definitely be taking allergy pills…

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    1. That’s a great way to start (doing local sits for neighbors, friends, and family and getting recommendations from them on your profile page). We did that as well. We are doing our second “official” sit in Colorado next month. Can’t wait.

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  5. We have two kitties and have had a number of housesitters through over the last few years. It is a win-win; visitors get a free place to stay and we have someone watch our kitties for free.

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  6. Oh…my…God! You are literally making me green with envy…I’m green right now! This is the ultimate dream thing to do…I’m…speechless…Oh my word! This is so perfect. I’m going to look if they have it over here…but will a dog know what I’m saying if I speak in English??! I loved this and the photos – I hope you have many more of these adventures coming up!

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    1. You should do it. You will love it. And I’ve seen several sits posted not only in Bangkok but in other parts of Thailand (and some other places in SE Asia) as well. And never fear about the language barrier… a lot of people seeking sitters over there are English or American expats. Can’t wait to hear what you end up doing.


  7. Great time to visit Washington (I flew in on the Wednesday before Good Friday).

    Sounds like you had a pretty good first experience with it, even with Oscar’s mischievous directions. Hopefully Colorado is another positive experience 🙂

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