If you read my recent post on our new membership with an international petsitting company, you know that I couldn’t stop looking at the damn site, and it was causing serious problems.  Chores were being neglected, hobbies fell by the wayside, several people ended up in the hospital.  OK, I’m exaggerating here (and, with that last one, outright lying), but it was taking up an inordinate amount of my time.  I knew I had to do a petsit to satisfy my curiosity and quell the obsession, if that was even possible.

Easter weekend provided the perfect opportunity.  Though we plan to do our sits as a couple, the husband didn’t have Good Friday off like I did, so I searched for something that was reasonable to do by myself.  (For instance, there are sits out there that insist on a couple because they have, say, a trio of 120-lb Bullmastiffs that need three long walks a day.)

I found what seemed like a perfect sit in Seattle.  I’d been there, but only briefly and not for 20+ years, so a revisit was welcome.  It was a relatively inexpensive direct flight to a short sit in a great location with a friendly and gentle old French Bulldog and his feline companion.  What could go wrong?

Lucy the cat and Oscar the dog, within moments of my arrival

Thankfully, nothing.

The animals were as darling as could be, and they made me feel like they loved me from the outset.  I did learn a few things, however:

  • Location is important.  I did my research and knew that being located in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle would be great.  This put me within quick walking distance of Seattle Center in one direction and Puget Sound in the other.  A slightly longer walk got me to Pike Place Market, and the few steps to Upper Queen Anne meant great walks among beautiful homes and easy access to what is considered the best view in Seattle.  Most importantly, there were many great restaurants and coffee shops (duh, Seattle) nearby, because I had no intention of cooking.


  • The size and features of the house/apartment matter.  Photos seem to make rooms appear larger.  They can also be taken strategically to minimize their less-appealing features, and they don’t always tell the whole story.  I knew I’d be staying in a studio apartment, but I hadn’t been in one for so long that I had forgotten just exactly how small they can be.  It had a kitchen so small and narrow that the refrigerator door opened less than halfway.  There was no microwave, so I ate my leftover pad thai at room temperature because I had neither the time nor the inclination to fuss with the oven.  There was no TV.  They didn’t list one under the Wifi/Phone/TV/Audio section of their home profile, but I just assumed it was a given.  I mean, they didn’t list a bathroom either, but I assumed they would have one.  (They did!  Huzzah!)  None of the windows opened bar one with a screen, and that opened only about 4 inches.  (I just realized something.  What if there had been a fire?!)  There was no patio, deck, or balcony.  So although most of my stay I was lucky enough to have good weather, if it had rained nonstop for three days (a definite possibility in Seattle), I would have been stuck inside a very small box.  Frankly, I might have gone berserk had I been there for a week, rain or no rain.
Nap time
  • Dogs are smart… and can be manipulative, like schoolchildren with a substitute teacher.  I couldn’t believe how intelligent little Oscar was, especially in terms of knowing how to get to his favorite places in the neighborhood.  Left, then right, then left again… soon we were many blocks away from home and right in front of… you guessed it, the pet supply store with a doting employee who gave him treats and knew him by name.  And that’s just one of many places Oscar led me to around the neighborhood.  Also, he could be a little stubborn at times, too, but it was a disarmingly cute stubborn.  I’m sure if I could have read Oscar’s thoughts, they’d have been something along the lines of:  Heh heh.  Petsitter.  I’m am going to get away with SO much this weekend, but I’m so cute and she’s so green, she’ll never suspect a thing!  Lucy – you with me?

Bonus discoveries:

  • French Bulldogs oink!  You read that right – they oink.  You could also call it snorting.  For a brief moment when I first heard it I thought, “Is he growling at me?”  But I quickly realized he was just making a snorty noise.  So cute.
Oink, oink
  • Seattle is a good month ahead of the upper Midwest in terms of the bloom.  After a long, cold winter and a particularly harsh February (it was the 4th snowiest month on record with 39.0″ inches), the flowers were an unexpected but very welcome sight.  Here’s what I’m seeing in my backyard right now:
It has potential, but it’s not much to look at right now

Here’s what my eyes drank in in Seattle:

So in the end, my first petsit validated the happy vibes I was already feeling pre-sit.  I am so glad to have joined this petsitting community.  The husband and I will be doing a catsit in a beautiful, 2-bedroom Colorado condo (with a balcony!) in a few months, on the tail end of our existing vacation, and between securing that and doing the Seattle sit, my obsession seems to have calmed for the time being.  According to the husband, that alone is worth the cost of my trip.

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  1. I’ve been waiting to read about how your petsit went. Oscar is adorable, but you clearly were the substitute teacher. I haven’t been in a studio apartment in years either. I bet I’d have the same reaction that you did upon seeing/living in one again. Still you made a good go of it and snapped some beautiful photos along the way.

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  2. They’re so cute! Glad it was a success, but I’m eager to read more about Seattle. PNW has been on my list for sometime now. And I LOVE coffee shops and food in general. Can’t wait for your next post!

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  3. This post was fascinating!!! I have read so much about petsitting, but haven’t heard anyone’s experience with it before. You do a great job of laying out the pros and cons here too.

    But who doesn’t have a TV in 2019? That is crazy!

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      1. Definitely not a millennial 😀. Not that I watch a lot of TV, but I cannot imagine life without one. Even in the day and age of streaming on tablets and mobile devices. Guess I’m just old 😂

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  4. That sounds like a great experience, even if the studio was quite small. I’m trying to become more minimalist but draw the line at not being able to open a refrigerator door! I’m glad you had two sweet characters for companions. Oscar sounds like a trip. I haven’t pet-sit (pet-sat?) in ages but may have lined up a local gig in June that will get me a good recommendation for going through a website. One sweet dog, but she comes with four cats, oh my! I will definitely be taking allergy pills…

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    1. That’s a great way to start (doing local sits for neighbors, friends, and family and getting recommendations from them on your profile page). We did that as well. We are doing our second “official” sit in Colorado next month. Can’t wait.

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  5. We have two kitties and have had a number of housesitters through trustedhousesitters.com over the last few years. It is a win-win; visitors get a free place to stay and we have someone watch our kitties for free.

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  6. Oh…my…God! You are literally making me green with envy…I’m green right now! This is the ultimate dream thing to do…I’m…speechless…Oh my word! This is so perfect. I’m going to look if they have it over here…but will a dog know what I’m saying if I speak in English??! I loved this and the photos – I hope you have many more of these adventures coming up!

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    1. You should do it. You will love it. And I’ve seen several sits posted not only in Bangkok but in other parts of Thailand (and some other places in SE Asia) as well. And never fear about the language barrier… a lot of people seeking sitters over there are English or American expats. Can’t wait to hear what you end up doing.


  7. Great time to visit Washington (I flew in on the Wednesday before Good Friday).

    Sounds like you had a pretty good first experience with it, even with Oscar’s mischievous directions. Hopefully Colorado is another positive experience 🙂

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      1. Yeah, it’s a shame I didn’t realise ahead of our trips. Maybe our paths will cross another time 🙂

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  8. Oscar is adorable! Overnight sits are tricky. I’m glad you had a good one. I did one with an older lab who insisted on getting on the bed (which was too tall for him to get up on). He barked at the same interval as Chinese water torture for a solid 3 hours, before I devised a ramp and shimmy device by which I barely got him up at 3am. All settled, problem solved. He starts barking AGAIN. Now, he wants down

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