I like doors posts.  You know the ones I mean – just pictures of interesting doorways.  I even have one in my drafts file that I really should finish and publish one of these days.  Yet, when we spent a long weekend in San Antonio, I knew the Riverwalk stairways were that city’s answer to everywhere else’s doors.

Sunken below street level, the Riverwalk has numerous entry points.  The architect of this magical place could have made them merely utilitarian, but he didn’t.  Just look:

Suddenly the stair climber at my gym is looking very unappealing.

Function over form.  Hard on the thighs; hard on the eyes.

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30 thoughts

  1. So many cool stairways! I’m a bit embarrassed to say I’ve never been to San Antonio, even though I had an aunt who lived there for a decade. But back then I was into chasing boys and the almighty dollar (ha! not really). That aunt is sadly no longer with us, but one day I’ll get to San Antone and toast to her memory.

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    1. According to the never-wrong Internet, it’s 15 miles, but that’s from end to end. The part most people are talking about is the square part where most of the shops, hotels, and restaurants are. Still, we walked quite a ways north and south of that square area. Pretty much the whole Riverwalk is worth a stroll.


  2. This would make for a beautiful walk and exercise all in one. I had to use Google to see where San Antonio is and now I know it’s in Texas! Looks like an amazing place to explore. If only we could travel 😊 Thanks for sharing and have a good weekend 😊 Aiva

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    1. I’m so sorry I didn’t mention Texas. I know that certain cities in the US are pretty well-known throughout the world, but it makes sense that San Antonio wouldn’t be one of them. Sorry I failed to take my international readers into account! 🙂


  3. These are so cool!! I do not remember seeing this many stairways haha.

    (P.S. was it you that I said about people disliking comments on blogs to?? I’ve literally just seen someone say “comments are borderline spam” in one of the blogging groups I’m in… I don’t get it!!!)

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  4. Paseo del Rio is amazing, my first visit to SA my wife and I spent the day and about 100 rolls of film (back in the day, lol) down there, amazing!


  5. This is so cool. I’ve heard good things about San Antonio and the riverwalk area. I’d just assumed the stairs were bog-standard though, it’s nice to see how varied they are!

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