Blogging Milestone: 100 Followers!

24 thoughts on “Blogging Milestone: 100 Followers!”

  1. Upon examination, I have determined that you have at least four followers with split personalities so you are actually at 104. Congratulations on a very enjoyable blog.

    Napoleon and Julius Caesar

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  2. Congratulations!!! I might not be very active in the blogspehere lately but I promise I’ll be here through the terrible two’s and beyond. However, here’s to hoping the baby never grows up enough you start thinking its time it moved out and found its own place of residence.

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    1. Thanks! I hope you recognized yourself as one of my “pen pals.” I’m not sure if you’ve ever lived in the US, but these days American kids live with their parents until they’re 30 (the kids, not the parents), whether the mom and dad like it or not, so it’ll probably be a good many years before my baby moves out. 😉

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    1. Not only did you just make my day, you really impressed me with the fact that you are still reading blogs and spreading kindness when you have every right to be holed up thinking only about yourself and your family. I’m guessing that continuing to be your positive self is helping you through your journey. At least I hope so. Thanks again, and I like the new blog name. I can tell you’re keeping a sense of humor, which is just great. 🙂


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