The Travel Architect & The Husband Team Up to Talk About Travel (Mostly)

Podcast episode 72 is available by clicking below.  It is also available on iTunes, Pocket Cast, and Spotify under the travel architect.

I manage to find a travel-related—if anachronistic—joke, but you’ll probably think my connecting the national day to travel is a bit of a stretch.  Still, it speaks to how the smallest travel experience can change your life, or at least your willingness to drink leafy greens.  The Bucket List book activity is a big bust, but what precedes it is not.  It’s an interview with our new friend—a construction professional—about travel, so chock-full of chit-chat that we have to break it into two parts. We end with a smattering of updates and tidbits, including gaining a closer (thought still not complete) understanding of Cincinnati chili, and a strong recommendation for a Netflix stand-up routine that proves the husband’s whole you-can’t-just-walk-up-to-the-airline-ticket-counter-and-buy-a-ticket stance (mostly) wrong.

Episode 72: Travel Talk with the Construction Guy, Part I

The stand-up must-watch:

Previous blog posts referenced or hinted at in this episode:

12 thoughts

  1. I liked the idea of begging for only today’s food.
    First time for me to see the husband leading the interview and it was nice.
    The travel architect, your enthusiasm when talking about packing reminded me of Monica Geller ( Courtney Cox ) from Friends. No offense with that as it is my favourite sitcom of all ages.

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      1. That’s why I said no offense, as Monica is obsessive & a bit – or so much – bossy. They may have their reunion special in August btw.
        And happy spinach national day.

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    1. A blog buddy who lives in CO mentioned Skyline chili that she buys in cans in the store, even though it’s expensive, because it’s “the best.” The husband is talking about heading to CO during my last week of school since he gets out before me, so I might just have him pick up a can…


  2. Enjoyed the interview. I’m sure a lot of us can relate to not doing any significant travels during our childhood. We did some driving trips because my dad loved to drive, but never a flight to anywhere. And glad to know that the husband is the cook of the house!

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      1. My second husband was the cook. I always thought it was more than a fair trade – I would happily set the table and clean up. I was the sous-chef, cutting up vegetables, so I did have some participation.

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  3. I’m excited because I’ll be in Cincinnati in less than a month and can’t wait to have the chili at Skyline. It’s SO good!

    As for drinking leafy greens…that will forever be a hard pass.

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