On the day that my travel blog was born, the husband also mentioned that he’d like to do a related podcast together.  NO, was my answer.  However, his persistent nagging over these last many months finally wore me down, and here we are.  We hope you enjoy our travel-themed banter.

Listen by clicking below.  It is also available on Podbean and on iTunes at thetravelarchitect.

Please consider subscribing and liking.  We hope to put out a travel-and-travel-planning-themed podcast every week or two.

Earlier blog posts referenced in (or hinted at) in the podcast:



11 thoughts

  1. Is the Invasion of the Body Snatchers considered a podcast? If so, I am opposed to this move. I still have nightmares about that film.


  2. You two are very similar to my wife and I – I do all the planning, she is along for the ride in a way. I do all the macro planning – where we are going, transportation, how many days in each place, what hotel. Kristi often plans the details of our days once we get there. I enjoyed the podcast and look forward to more.

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    1. Wow Jeff. Thank you so much. We are (that is to say, the husband is) trying to figure out some of the technical things. It would be nice if people didn’t have to register with Podbean to hear it. Soon we’ll be on iTunes, so that may help. Right now we’re looking at an every-other-week podcast. I appreciate you listening! 😀


  3. A PODCAST TOO! You have been busy! I’m trying to get into listening to podcasts but I can’t seem to find the right time/place to do it but I will give this a go. I just hope you can use some good metaphors…your husband would love that 🙂

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    1. The husband listens while driving to work. I don’t listen to many, but when I do, it’s while doing the dishes. It makes a dreary chore go by very quickly. I’m glad you’re going to give us a listen! I hope you like it. Warning: we get a little bickery in episode 3. 😉


  4. Never really bothered with podcasts but been meaning to give them a try. Figured I’d start with yours, a few episodes to catch up on haha.

    Really enjoyed it though. I’m with the hubby on not trying to bribe your airline in the US haha!
    Uber have had a lot of issues getting a licence in London too, I can’t remember the reason now but I think it was to do with employment rights.

    Anyway, I look forward to the next 30 odd episodes!

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      1. Haha may well become a podcast guy! Glad to have pleased him too.

        Forgot to mention my luggage actually went AWOL for me in November. I did get it back but it was left stranded, at Seatac funnily enough.

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      2. Haha right? It did get back to me though so at least it wasn’t completely lost. Bit of a shock / inconvenience once I got back to England though.

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