The Travel Architect & The Husband Team Up to Talk About Travel (Mostly)

Podcast episode 24 is available by clicking below.  It is also available on iTunes under thetravelarchitect.  It can take up to 24 hours to be available in iTunes*.

*And possibly longer in December, iTunes has told us.

For the first time ever, the husband knows the punchline to the Travel Architect’s joke before she can reveal it!  We learn the meaning of a new word that can be applied generally or, in our case, to travel situations.  The quiz flows fairly smoothly. (Did you catch that?  You just got a hint about the topic.)  A few updates are given before the Travel Architect reveals the day-by-day activities that await the husband on the second – Cambodian – half of our trip.  This is our last podcast before we finally meet the Travel Architect’s “Go to Asia!” goal/dream that has existed for at least 15 years, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us to you.  Thanks for reading and listening and we’ll reconnect in 2020!

Previous blog posts referenced or hinted at in the podcast:

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  1. Are you the one keeping track of the entire trip itinerary while the husband goes along with it? Seems like the same situation I am in; I don’t think my boyfriend even glances at the detailed day by day itineraries that I write up for our trips!

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    1. Yep! It’s the yin-yang of “big picture” person vs. “details” person. It’s probably why our relationship has lasted so long (and why we bicker so much). 😉 Frankly, I don’t get how he can go into it so uninformed. Gimme the minutia!

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  2. You guys must be super excited to finally embark on the trip to Asia! 15 years is a very long time, so make the most of it and I can’t wait to read all about your experiences! Safe travels and have a fantastic holiday season 😊 Aiva

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  3. Did I mishear during the quiz or did the hubby suggest the Danube flowed through France? I was really surprised by that and can’t find anything to back up the claim haha. Had no idea where the Onyx was but otherwise another good quiz :)/
    P.S – sorry for the podcast spam! It’s good to listen to whilst I’m at work so I’m slowly catching up.

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  4. I’m not sure, Jason. It’s possible he misspoke. I wish I had time to go back and verify for you, but it’s all I can do to stay afloat these days. Not spam, by the way. We love that you are catching up and commenting. It’s fun to be reminded of some of our old episodes.

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