Three Days in Seattle – A Petsitter’s Tale, Part 2: Sightseeing

20 thoughts on “Three Days in Seattle – A Petsitter’s Tale, Part 2: Sightseeing”

  1. WOW! You did a lot in just a weekend! I have found in my travels that I tend to enjoy some of the lesser known attractions more than the “popular” attractions. I also don’t enjoy large crowds. I feel like it takes away from the experience if you’re constantly dodging people and getting your feet stepped on.

    P.S. I just heard that the Oompa Loompa remix hit number one on the charts! Congrats!

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    1. Ha ha! Maybe I should call myself the Song Architect. The husband thought I was planning on singing it on our next podcast. I said, “No way.”
      You mentioned the Pacific Northwest was high on your travel list. Where do you hope to go?

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      1. Well of course Seattle, but I would love to do a little island hopping and check out the amazing waterfalls and little Victorian ports. Ya know, a little of everything. That’s the problem, so much to see and always limited time (and money)!


  2. Totally agree with you on the Market. We didn’t go up the Space Needle either. And I really, really wish we had gone to the glass museum. . . next time! We did go on the Boeing Factory tour outside of Seattle (my aviation loving son wasn’t going to miss that!). I’d recommend it!

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  3. Oooh, I loved Seattle during my short visit there in 2013. Did the Market – yep, crowded. Also the Space Needle, which was worth it IMHO. Did not have time for the glass museum. Next visit!
    Thanks for sharing!!!


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    1. The artist – Chihuly – has several exhibits in the US and a few abroad. Many are permanent like the Seattle one. New Orleans definitely has one. Just google him and you’ll be able to see. Maybe an excuse to visit a new city?? And you’re welcome!

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  4. We loved Seattle but were there because of my husband’s work, therefore we didn’t have a lot of free time to do as we wished. This makes me want to go back and see some more of it. One of these days…

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  5. Great stuff, oh esteemed Travel Architect. Your breadth of experiences in Seattle is impressive, although I wonder if the dog and cat you were pet-sitting would have wished to accompany you on your tours. In fact, you could have done pet- focused selfies perhaps with the cat posing with you and a fish from the Pike Street Market. How about with a cat fish? Now that would be something to cherish! Dogs typically love modern art- a Picasso fire hydrant is always a hit with the pooches.

    My real question however relates to perhaps the greatest figure in sci-fi- Films- the awesome Gort. Was the museum display the real Gort or a Gort impersonator? Did you try saying Klatu Barata Nicto to see if he would wake up and laser broil some nearby selfie takers? That would have taught them a lesson!
    Keep the stories coming!

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    1. I thought dogs only like that painting of the dogs playing poker? Then again, what do I know? I only know what rabbits like, and it’s raisins, not art.
      As far as I know, it was the real Gort. I speak 3 languages but, sadly, Gortish is not one of them. I truly only went into that exhibit for the husband and other sci-fi geeks such as yourself. Sounds like you need to book a flight to Seattle and verify its authenticity for yourself. Do report back, will you?


  6. I soooo resonate with the selfie song and the oompa-loompa theme strikes the perfect chord. In fact, I’m sure we would make great travel companions because I would have ranked those attractions in the same order! Peace sister!

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  7. Oh my, this post had me laughing so hard! The obsessive selfie culture drives me crazy. I saw several near-deaths-from-almost-falls at National Parks by selfie-takers.

    I agree with your sentiments about Pike Place Market (we went on a weekend too), and MoPOP was a great surprise. At first I wasn’t sure it would be worth the admission price, but we really enjoyed it, especially the music and hour/sci-fi exhibits.

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    1. Glad you liked it! Yeah, we’ve heard about some of those (near) deaths at national parks. It used to be other people were taking the picture and saying, Back up. A little more. A little more. And down they went. Now it’s selfie-takers doing it to themselves.

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