Podcast episode 86 is available by clicking below.  It is also available on iTunes, Pocket Cast, and Spotify under the travel architect.

After a joke and national day designed to hint at our upcoming travels, the husband emcees a very enjoyable Travel Quiz.  (In other words, it wasn’t too difficult and I scored well.) We recount a friend’s recent dicey experience at a Portuguese soccer match, and then learn some bits and bobs about our pending journey, including how I’m taking matters into my own hands when it comes to defunct chocolate tours.  Later, we recount yet another betrayal by Delta Airlines, which took place just a day after our previous pod.  But we end on a happier note with details of summer travel plans that are putting a (hot) spring in my step and will start to meet a Dust-Farm-Pail List goal.

Episode 86: Delta (Airlines) Strikes Again


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  1. Oh my god Delta! I feel you. I’m flying Buffalo > Atlanta > Quito at the end of November. My Buffalo early AM flight time has changed 3 times, just by 20 minutes or so, and inexplicably, every time it does, they move me to the noon flight. The noon flight would give me 45 minutes to make my Atlanta connection, assuming we arrive on time. Not gonna happen. Not in the country’s biggest and busiest airport and not when they close the doors extra early for international flights (so really I’d have only 25 minutes tops to race across the terminals and find my connection). So every time they change me, I too sit on hold for 3 hours so I can tell them to switch me back to the early flight. It’s baffling and infuriating. It’s basically a part of my Monday evening routine now. And yes, they gave me the “call me back” option the first time, but not the two times after that. Also, about Colorado – book early. I had wish-listed places in the Leadville-BV-Salida corridor for next August, but I didn’t book them because, good grief, it’s only October! But in the meanwhile, someone else already booked them. It’s insanity out there.


  2. Commenting here again after more than a year has passed because I booked a Delta flight a few weeks ago to the Dominican Republic. I don’t especially want to fly with Delta, but I’ve got a ton of points still and free is always better than paying. They’ve already changed my flight schedule once. I’m taking bets on how many more times they’ll change it between now and Feb 27!

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