Mice and Snakes

4 thoughts on “Mice and Snakes”

  1. While these stories vary from legitimately terrifying to irrationally fearful (mice are basically free range hamsters), I can offer a truly nightmarish scenario. When I was about 8, my Dad assigned me to clean up and paint the decrepit basement bathroom that no one used or even entered. It was punishment for one of the many random acts of mayhem committed by my brothers and I.
    I entered with a brush and bucket of water to begin the cleaning process. As soon as I closed the door, I found myself facing a gigantic black spider who had set up shop behind the door probably many years before. He raced toward me and I found myself trapped. The huge creature was between myself and the door. We battled for what seemed like an eternity. The brush proved totally ineffective as a weapon. It was only when I deployed my shoe that the tide turned. We circled like gladiators and we both eyed the door. I finally jumped and wrenched open the door. Both the spider and I broke out into the darkened basement and scattered. I emerged from the basement dripping with sweat and in a state of shock. My dad glanced over and with a shake of the head told me to finish the job. Fortunately the spider resettled somewhere else and our paths never crossed again. However, as I washed and painted, I had constant visions of the monster returning to reclaim its domain.

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  2. You have had a few encounters! And they sound terrifyingly close. I am sorry to say, but I was laughing as I imagined your huge leaps to escape the snakes (I only laugh because I know you are safe) comical and scary at the same time!!!

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