Podcast episode 108 is available by clicking below.  It is also available on iTunes, Pocket Cast, and Spotify under the travel architect.

After a few weeks away, we’re back with our first episode of 2023. The joke doesn’t seem travel-related on first blush, but it very much is as far as my travel track record is concerned. Come to think of it, the national day is all about me as well. The husband tries but (mostly) fails to stump me on this week’s Travel Quiz. The rest of the time we discuss our trip to Death Valley. Well, not the destination exactly, but all the peripheral stuff: flight delays, airport lounges, flight attendants who don’t follow the rules, that sort of thing. Peppered throughout this discussion is a motley assortment of travel news from horrible turbulence to boa constrictors to Read ID. Buckle up—it’s a wild ride.

Episode 108: Finally, Some Real Travel News

Previous blog posts referenced or hinted at in this episode:

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    1. Please do!
      And I’m so glad to finally have a direct line of communication to you. I haven’t been ignoring your posts. I’ve been commenting but they aren’t showing up. I’ve even tried replying to other people’s comments, but to no avail. I just found out I’ve been going to another blogger’s spam folder, so maybe I’m going to yours, too?

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      1. Well, sure enough! I never check that folder as WP does a pretty good job of filtering out spam. I just approved a bunch of your comments that were hung up in there. Weird, as every other one was legitimate spam. Thanks for tipping me off. I’ll have to go back and read/respond to these now!

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