The African continent is vast and full of amazing wonders. From Lake Chad in the heart of the Sahel region we travelled east to the volcanic remains of the continent’s spine. Here, tectonic shifts have wrenched apart the Rift Valley, but they have also left us with the extinct remains of once mighty volcanoes.

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The answer was Mount Kenya in central Africa. This is the second highest point on the continent after Kilimanjaro, but it has been advised to us that if we want to climb Africa’s highest point we should, in fact, climb Mt. Kenya first (as a warm-up). Here’s the final summer puzzle.

ELC Episode 27

Go ahead and grab your atlases, have a ponder and leave your answers in the replies below, or send directly to Good luck and thanks for playing this season of The Enigmatic Location Conundrum Mini-Pod.

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  1. Are we allowed to ask for clarification? Because we can’t understand what’s being said in the last clue: “palms to the west, ____ to the east.” No idea what word is being said here.

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      1. It really didn’t help, hahaha! But at least it helped us know we could stop attempting to figure out that clue.

        We do have a guess, though: Cape of Good Hope

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