The Travel Architect & The Husband Team Up to Talk About Travel (Mostly)

Podcast episode 62 is available by clicking below.  It is also available on iTunes, Pocket Cast, and Spotify under the travel architect.

On the cusp of a post-Christmas return to school, I couldn’t help telling an education-related (3-part) joke.  The national day is one we celebrate every week on the podcast, so we don’t belabor the point, but rather just get right down to celebrating it.  The husband gives me a reprieve on another currency-themed travel quiz, choosing time zones instead.  Lots of second chances ensure I do ok in the end.  The 17th ELC Podcast location is also revealed by the husband while I take a chips and salsa break.  Next, actual purchases (burger holder) and possible future purchases (super cool luggage) are discussed and, let’s face it, bickered about.  The husband learns that the capital of Botswana should probably not be high on his list of cycling destinations, and then, running out of time, we give a small taste of what we wanted to talk about (Italy and “traveling without traveling”) before tabling those topics and saying au revoir.

Episode 62: Burger Holder

Solgaard luggage website:

Blog posts referenced or hinted at in this episode:

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