The Travel Architect & The Husband Team Up to Talk About Travel (Mostly)

Podcast episode 33 is available by clicking below.  It is also available on iTunes and Pocket Cast under the travel architect.  It can take up to 24 hours to be available in iTunes.

Boy, has daily life changed in the two weeks since we last podcasted!  These changes couldn’t help creeping their way into this week’s episode.  By that I mean we addressed the elephant virus in the room – coronavirus – and all the havoc it’s wreaked in our day-to-day lives, as well as fun travel and non-travel plans that have gone belly up.  Still, we managed to remain mostly upbeat as we discussed the nuggets of travel wisdom gleaned from my recent attendance at Rick Steves’ Travel Skills Class (before social distancing became the most uttered term on the planet).  File them away for a time when we can all travel again.

Previous blog posts referenced or hinted at in the podcast:

One thought

  1. You discovered Caitlin Doughty – she’s great! I saw her on tour for her first book, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes. She’s smart and funny. Interesting travel connection for you…on one of her YouTube channel episodes years ago, she said that she once showed up to an AirBnB she had booked for vacation, the owner recognized her, and cancelled her reservation on the spot because he didn’t approve of what she did, promoting death acceptance and better burial options, etc.


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