A lot of bloggers like to write a post when they reach a certain number of followers – 100, 500, 1000.  I certainly did when I reached 100 followers.  However, as an introvert who has mixed feelings about self-promotion, I told myself I wouldn’t write a “blogging milestone” post again until I reached 1000 followers.


But that was before today.  Today my follower count reached 666.  Now, I’m not a religious person, but as a product of ten years of Catholic schooling, I know the evil significance of that number, and it ain’t sittin’ well with me!

So, I’m begging someone – anyone – to please follow me right now!  I promise I’ll follow you back, even if your blog is about insurance or golf or the latest investment products or some other topic that isn’t remotely interesting to me.  Just get me to 667!

Thank you to everyone who follows me, and a special thank you in advance to #667, whoever you end up being.

By the way, 1800petsandvets  (follower #666), is there something you’re not telling us? 😉

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    1. That’s so weird. I wonder if it’s showing you all the followers not including you?? I’ll admit that when I got #666 we were at a friend’s for dinner and I’d had a glass or two of red. It was the first time I’ve ever posted from my phone, and when we got home I got on the regular computer and could tell something was amiss. I think I fixed it, but I don’t know why it’s showing 665 to some of you. Everything I see says 666. Maybe Satan has taken over my vision!

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