A blog buddy of mine, Mel at Life… One Big Adventure, asked to interview me a few months ago.  She recently published that interview on her blog, and I thought I’d share it on my own blog as this week’s post.  As ever, thanks for reading.

From cycling up mountains in Wales to reporting on National Donut Day…The Travel Architect has got it covered!

via Blog Chat…10 Questions for The Travel Architect — Life…one big adventure

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  1. Thanks so much, I always find it interesting and refreshing to read such blog posts/interviews as it gives an opportunity to learn more about people I who’s travel journeys I follow along. Have a good day, Aiva

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  2. Love finding old gems like this, especially seeing how much you’ve grown from the 500-follower days. To add on to your thoughts on journalling, I say it’s quite the contrary that there’s no audience. In fact, there is one important person—you. If you can impress yourself through your journals, then you can impress everyone else that’s like you. At least that’s what I feel.

    I tap into an element of honesty that I can’t find anywhere else, and it definitely helps me realise what moves me and what doesn’t. Anyway, I’ll be returning to stalk your old posts next week!

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    1. You are so kind, Stuart. I don’t know what it is about journaling, but to me it’s like yoga: I just can’t get into it. I literally have to force myself to jot down the day’s events in my travel journal. I’m always glad I did it and I refer back to it from time to time when I’m blogging, but otherwise it’s like pulling teeth I’m afraid.


      1. Yes, I’m in San Diego, California, right now and while my mother was sitting and reading just now, I had to catch up on my journal because I was two days behind. There’s this weird tension that builds up while I’m journaling. I write as quickly as I can in the hopes I can soon get it over with and start doing just about anything else.

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