Podcast episode 111 is available by clicking below.  It is also available on iTunes, Pocket Cast, and Spotify under the travel architect.

We start off our eleventy-first episode with a joke that’s a harbinger of our upcoming travels, followed by a reasonable national day that’s falling on an unreasonable day of the week. If you didn’t guess our travel destination from the joke, you get a second shot with the Travel Quiz. Though I bombed it, I’m now armed with several fun facts I can use to engage with the locals. The bucket list destination leads to a discussion about the husband’s surprising jealous reaction to the new TV show, The Reluctant Traveler. Next up, I reveal the latest contender for our 2025 travel dollars, followed by news of the states of emergency declared by our soon-to-be host country. We end by learning where the husband wouldn’t go even if he won a free flight there.

Episode 111: Crepuscular

Previous blog posts referenced or hinted at in this episode:

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