Rooting for the team: (sigh) I’m going to give it a try

7 thoughts on “Rooting for the team: (sigh) I’m going to give it a try”

  1. Growing up my dad was a massive soccer fan and my 8th birthday is a day remembered by all in my family as the football-yell-birthday incident. What exactly does this mean? Well it means that my birthday that year happened to be smack in the middle of a world cup year and my mom organized the party for a Saturday afternoon oblivious to the fact that my dad’s favourite teams were playing each other that day. Long story short when my mom forced him away from the TV to at least sing happy birthday to me with all my friends not only was he not happy but he kept an eye on the TV the whole time and halfway through the song he broke into a thundering “GOAAAAAAL” that I’m sure even the neighbours heard.
    However, now in his old age his fandom has definetely deminshed. Last year for the world cup he even slept through some games. So there’s still hope for you… you just need to keep trying for the next 30/40 years! 🙂

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    1. That is such a funny story. I read it to the husband and we both had a good laugh about your dad’s poorly timed interruption. (Or was your birthday song the poorly timed interruption? I guess it depends on who in your family you ask.) It reminds me of my wedding. I come from an area where deer hunting is a big thing, and all the men in my family do this. Turns out I made a lot of my uncles mad when I unwittingly set our wedding date to coincide with the opening weekend of deer hunting season. I like to think that my wedding saved a few deer from an untimely death.

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  2. Great read! Completely agree on golf being such a dull sport to watch on TV too. I can understand people enjoying playing it but I’ve never understood the fascination in watching other people play it.

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