The Travel Architect & The Husband Team Up to Talk About Travel (Mostly)

Podcast Episode 5 now available by clicking below.  It’s also available on Podbean and iTunes at thetravelarchitect.

This week we discuss good luck with Ride London entries, and bad luck with petsitters, using the Hopper app, and climbing 14ers this year.  The Travel Architect also educates The Husband on what he’ll need to do to be medically ready for our trip to SE Asia.

Earlier blog post referenced in the podcast:

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      1. Sorry it takes me longer to catch up now but your posts are ones that I always purposely search out (I don’t say that about just any account!)

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  1. Alright, bone to pick with the hubby! I did not appreciate the trick quiz question with Havana being the most Northern and Westerly! I did guess the most North, East and South though. I think you deserve a bonus point for this week for having seen through his cheating 😉

    Have you persevered with Hopper or stuck to your word you’re done with it? I’ve never used it but heard plenty of recommendations.

    Lastly, is there an episode six? Episode seven seems to be the next one the website that I can see? Maybe I need to dig a little further to find it!

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    1. This is The Husband (note the capital letters denoting the definite article!), if you are enjoying the Travel Quiz, you may like to skip ahead and look at the ELC Podcasts. It’s just a brief little travel puzzle with cryptic clues, and the answer is revealed in the next episode.

      Thanks for liking.

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