The last time the Travel Architect and I visited Canada, it was to the east and the land of the Quebecois, a wonderful journey from The Great Lakes to the shores of the St. Lawrence.  Last week, the Enigmatic Location Conundrum took me to Banff National Park in Canada’s mountainous west.

mountain photography
Photo by Chris Czermak on

This week is not so obvious, so I’ll start out with a hint, it is a European location.

Answers in the replies below, or directly to

Grab your atlas (European pages), and good luck!

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  1. I loved visiting Banff. We stayed at the Banff Springs Hotel, which was as close to Europe as I’ve come in North America. I’d like to go back and hike around the park some more, should travel to Canada ever be available to us again.

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  2. That had me stumped as initially I was thinking of Switzerland but as they were neutral in the war, I didn’t think there would have been a battle there 80 years ago. Then I thought of France momentarily and then Norway which seemed to make more sense with the poles and circles clue. After digging around on the Interwebby thingy I found that there was a place in Norway where there was a battle this week, 80 years ago. Plus it has cold winters but nice summers. Plus it also has a train going to it. So my guess is Narvik in Norway. Do I win a Curly Wurly and a packet of Monster Munch?

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      1. He usually records and releases the new one on Wednesday afternoons, Central Standard Time, so 6 hours behind you if you’re in England. He was late one time, doing it on a Thursday. I’ll tell him you are waiting with bated breath so he mustn’t be late.

        Speaking of time differences, isn’t it midnight there?


      2. Indeed.

        I realized after I pressed send that I shouldn’t have sent something so heavy right before you were about to drift off. Sorry about that. Think of sheep. You’ve got lots of them over there… 🙂


      3. I’ve tried thinking of sheep before I go to sleep but their ridiculous bleating keeps me awake. I find that if I turn my attention to gentle waves lapping against a golden beach on a tropical island I have more success in finding snoozy sleepy land. Plus you rarely see a sheep on the beach so it’s a win win!

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