The fourth in the Doors series . . .

Varenna, Lake Como, Italy
Glen Ellen, California
Sedona, Arizona
London, England
Newark, England
Sedona, Arizona
Sonoma, California
Chur, Switzerland
Newark, England
Cornville, Arizona

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48 thoughts

  1. I absolutely love these “door” posts! Taking pictures of doors is a travel must for me (drives my family crazy, but oh well.) We were in Greece October of 2021 and the doors were amazing! If you haven’t been there yet, GO!

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  2. Newark’s stood out to me: however, wouldn’t its design create a draft in the house? Unless there’s another door to block it…regardless, all doors are wonderful! Love this series you got here. 😊

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  3. As one of my favourite subjects to photograph, while I am roaming the streets and back alleys of Europe are doors and windows, I very much enjoyed your wonderful collection of door photos. I think that a door and window together can be an amazing opportunity to skillfully capture a great composition especially if the colours are pleasing. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

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