Dueling Adventures: Bikepacking in Utah vs. Staycation

20 thoughts on “Dueling Adventures: Bikepacking in Utah vs. Staycation”

  1. Your story is funny and rings true with me. Those adventure vacays never pan out like planned, but those staycations are always as dull as feared. It’s never an easy decision about which to take… although a chance to visit the Spam Museum is noteworthy. So there’s that.

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    1. Thank you! So as far as the positive outlook on the Spam museum goes, I guess that makes two of you. (And maybe the CEO of Spam, so I guess it makes 3 of you.) 🙂 I’m trying to get the husband to buzz down there this weekend and do some cycling and see the damn place while I’m out of town. Then I don’t have to hear about it anymore! 🙂

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    1. Ah, so there are more of you out there. The husband will be glad to hear he’s not the only one. I know! We should do a home exchange. You can come here and do the Spam Museum, and we’ll go there and visit all the vineyards! (And frequent your highly acclaimed coffee/pastry shop, which will be running like clockwork even in your absence, under your deft management. 🙂 )


  2. Love this!!! Great post idea! As for Dave’s verdict, I believe he was totally unfair. I mean come on! you had Thai takeout on day one and everyone knows Thai food always wins plus you had This Is Us marathons! I haven’t even started season 3. So yeah, I call it a draw, The Husband’s adventure might resemble homeward bound a movie I watched multiple times growing up) but your staycation was far from tedious 😉

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