A Photo Journey: Bryce Canyon National Park

27 thoughts on “A Photo Journey: Bryce Canyon National Park”

  1. Ahhh man, I need to go back to Utah just to see Bryce Canyon! It looks amazing. I am not a huge fan of orange either, but for some reason I love the colours in Utah (in case you couldn’t tell, haha!). I love your photos, I always just see photos from above so it’s nice seeing a different perspective of it on the hikes!

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  2. I was in Bryce Canyon this time last year and it was snow-covered and snowed lightly while we were there. It sounds cheesy I know but it was truly magical. We only saw a few other people the whole day so it was so quiet and really special.

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  3. Awesome post!!! Bryce is my favorite park. It keeps drawing me back. I even have a favorite tree at Inspiration point that I keep photographing on the edge of the canyon each time I visit.

    Beautiful pictures!! I heard from someone yesterday that they are offering ranger led snowshoeing into canyon now. Sounds like a blast!

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    1. Bryce is my favorite National Park in all of Utah. On our first visit, after a wonderous day of wandering and hiking we were relaxing in our room at Ruby’s Inn when an earthquake occured. It was a mild one (in the low- to mid-3’s), one of three earthquakes I’ve experienced in my 11 years living in Utah. The next morning when we woke up it had snowed – glorious! A completely different Bryce experience.
      And as long as you’re in the area I definitely recommend driving through the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. There I found landscapes like I’d never seen before. From Bryce head east through the town of Tropic and Escalante to the tiny town of Boulder (pop.226). There you’ll find the exceptional farm-to-table Hell’s Backbone Grill which enjoys one of the highest Zagat ratings in Utah, was voted Best Restaurant of the Rockies, and has been selected several times as a James Beard Award semifinalist, among other accolades. Warning: you’ll need reservations! Find out more here:

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      1. We dined at Hell’s Backbone this past summer. It deserves all the accolades it has received, and the amazing drive to get there just adds to the delightful experience. And heck, since we’re giving out Utah restaurant recommendations, if you’re in the sleepy little town of Torrey for your explorations of Capitol Reef National Park, Cafe Diablo is exceptional. http://www.cafediablo.com


      1. If you haven’t made reservations for Hell’s Backbone Grill when passing through Boulder, Utah, then drop in to Burr Trail Grill which is right next door. Hip & laid back, good food, good beer, and really, really good homemade pies. Plus there’s a high quality gift shop next door called The Outpost.
        And , dear Travel Architect, I personally apologize for that orange shag carpeting, What WAS the 12-year-old me thinking??

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  4. What amazing photos !
    How lucky to have visited this mythical park. I will not give the link to my wife because she immediately fly to Utah … and I would again eat frozen meals for a week 😉

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  5. I can’t be bothered to look up why they’re called Hoodoos either so I guess neither of us will ever know. Great photos though, the place is stunning and the Queen Victoria probably has more personality than the real one did.

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  6. There are some fantastic photos here, it looks stunning! Definitely somewhere I hope to visit in the near future.

    As a sidenote, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard the term ‘shag carpet’ which had me somewhat confused given ‘shag’ has a very different meaning in England!
    Additionally I was only introduced to Paul Bunyan last summer and it’s interesting to see how much he features in American folklore. Seen his name pop up a few times since which is amusing.

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    1. Thanks for the kind words.

      Good point about the “shag” carpet. I hadn’t thought about that alternative meaning. 🙂 So for anyone else reading this who doesn’t know what “shag carpet” is, it’s just carpeting in which the individual fibers or threads are rather long.

      Yeah, Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox are pretty big around here. The story I refer to is the only one I’ve heard that involves a family, but there are tons of variations out there.

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  7. Great post! After three solid straight months of travel last year, including a lot of spectacular national parks, we were getting a bit travel weary and worried that Bryce would feel kind of “Meh” to us. But instead its unique beauty recharged us! I love that you can get away from the crazy crowds just by driving deeper into the park. Most of the selfie-obsessed tourists don’t go beyond the first couple of scenic overlooks or the first trail down into the canyon. The rim trail is great for solitude too.

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