To meet Bobbie (Travel Trailer 1.0) and read about our adventures on the road with him, click here.

We’ve had Bobbie for over a decade now.  Taylor Coach®—the manufacturer—was selling him for a customer who had bought him new in 2007 and loved him, but wanted to upgrade to a bigger model. Together, the husband and I have taken Bobbie on nine road trips, traveling thousands of miles through 19 states. We’ve had loads of fun with him and, so far, only one near-disaster. He has been the perfect companion for us for many years, but we’ve always known that one day—most likely in retirement—we’d upgrade to a bigger model.

Not this 13,500-pound, two-story monstrosity. Just obscene. Source:

Not much bigger, mind you.  We’re not blind to the environmental impact towing can have—not to mention the need for a great big gas-guzzling truck as one of our daily commute vehicles. The only trait Bobbie has that we want to improve upon is the sleeping situation.  Currently, our bed and our dinette are one.  During the day it’s a four-person eating area, and at night it’s our two-person love nest—errr—sleeping area.  Though it’s a clever use of space, the Transformer™-like conversion needed to go from Slumberbee to Optimus Dine and back again each day has become an annoyance.  One of us kicks the other person out of our 12-foot trailer while the other lifts, shifts, grunts and groans, slides, tucks, pushes and pulls. Then there’s the issue of storing all the bedding when it’s in “dinette” mode. Taylor Coach® does a fabulous job coaxing storage space out of their models, but in a 12-footer, there are only so many places for stuff to go.

I wish I could tell you that retirement is upon us.  Alas, it’s many years away. But the good news is that we’ve decided not to wait for that major life event to realize our shared dream. We’ve long known that if we wanted a new unit from the small, congenial, family-owned manufacturer from whom we got Bobbie, we’d need to wait close to a year between ordering and taking possession.  Things being what they are at the moment (that is to say, given the current supply chain problems and the pandemic-borne desire of everyone on earth to suddenly get a travel trailer), we wondered aloud whether that wait time might be doubled.

In fact, it’s nearly quadrupled.

So here we are.  It’s early 2022, our model has been decided upon, our length (17 feet) finalized, the layout configured and reconfigured, features and amenities settled on, and the deposit check sent.

And now we wait.

Photo by Ju00c9SHOOTS on

Fall, 2025 is the estimated build-date of our new Bobbie (which we’ve already dubbed Bobbie 2.0). I’ve endured long waits before—who hasn’t? But three and a half years? That’ll be a record for me, and it’s not going to be easy.

In the meantime, we’ve got one trip planned with Bobbie for this summer, and as excited as I am about it, I just know that after all this dreaming and drooling, planning and plotting, ogling and Googling, not to mention watching endless Youtube Taylor Coach® videos, our current trailer—our once perfect little companion—is going to seem woefully cramped and inadequate.

Ours will look a lot like this, but with a different color scheme. And yes, we are going full-on June and Ward Cleaver with separate twin beds. Source:

I’m also trying to remind myself of the old adage “Good things come to those who wait” because what else am I going to do? On the plus side, when we do finally make the nearly 1000-mile drive to meet and adopt our newest Bobbie, we’ll be that much closer to retirement.

So, if you’re in the market for a used previously-loved, road-tested, well-cared-for 12-foot travel trailer (that’s tip-to-tip, by the way—the actual interior length is nine feet) and you don’t mind performing conversion feats each morning and evening, start saving, cuz’ the market is hot and we’re expecting to make a killing on it.  And welcome to the Delayed Gratification Club, because you can come pick it up in 2025.

37 thoughts

  1. I laughed out loud at Slumberbee and Optimus Dine.

    We once waited fifteen months between buying concert tickets and actually seeing the band. That was The Who in Portland, and pre-pandemic; there were health issues, and as long as those guys have been around, I was just hoping they’d still be ALIVE by the time the show rolled around. Roger Daltrey did famously sing, “Hope I die before I get old.”

    They were, and it was awesome. In fact, they’re going on tour again this year. Go figure.

    The point is, that long wait seemed interminable. Fall 2025 for Bobbie 2.0 sounds like an eternity.

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    1. The Who, The Stones . . . there are probably lots of aging rockers for whom concert-goers should seriously consider, what, concert insurance?

      Glad you enjoyed the little play on words there. I have to give credit where credit is due – the husband came up with Optimus Dine. I didn’t even know Transformers had names. He Googled the other names and I hit upon Slumberbee. We’re currently arguing about who should get the most credit for that whole part. I’m thinking 75 (me) – 25 (him). 🙂


    1. It’ll be so great, though to make matters worse, the scheduled build date is September of that year! September! We’ll just be starting the school year with no chance to use it until the following summer, so the true wait is actually quite a bit longer. Torture!


      1. Haha. Actually, that’s not out of the question. More likely, though, is that we’ll go somewhere close to home and do a weekend trial run. We’re not “weekend campers” under normal circumstances, but we won’t be able to help ourselves at that point, I’m sure.


  2. That’s an insane amount of time to wait, I don’t think I could. So much can change between now and then. Are there no previously owned trailers for sale you could peruse? Though I have to say kudos for living in a 9 foot space with your husband without killing each other. That’s close quarters.

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  3. what a fantastic way to see the country! oh but the years till you get your new one must seem like an eternity since you are primed and ready to take Bobbie 2.0 for it’s inaugural trip. Do you have an idea of where that first trip will be with Bobbie 2.0?

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    1. Good question. No, we don’t have one, but we do have several trips we DON’T want to take in our existing Bobbie so we can do them in our new one. I sure hope the US removes all travel restrictions soon so we can start traveling abroad and putting road trips on the back burner.

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  4. 2025? Geez! On the other hand, think how many trips you can plan between now and then… you’ll have a full 10 year itinerary all worked out for Bobbie 2.0 once he arrives 😂

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  5. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Bobbie 2.0 when he arrives. In the meantime, just put him out of your mind. That way when he gets here you can hit the ground running, carefree, ready to go outside and play.

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  6. Fall 2025????? Wow, I would never have guessed the wait time be that long!!! I guess you have a lot of time left to keep loving Baby 1.0!


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  7. Sounds super exciting, albeit ‘long-term’, heh. I was made aware of van-living (not the same genre as you, but kinda the same?) thanks to a climber I used to read up on—Alex Honnold. And ever since, I’ve always respected anyone who did mobile living, because that’s such a tough life, as romantic as it may seem. Here’s to hoping it reaches you sooner!

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