The third in the Doors series . . .

Ludlow, England
Chinon, France
Newark, England
Glen Ellen, California
Chur, Switzerland
Buena Vista, Colorado
Porto Venere, Italy
Chur, Switzerland
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Sedona, Arizona

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55 thoughts

  1. Eh, I didn’t know you had a door series going on (or did I forget?). You remind me of this guy I met during my travels once. His theme was walls—particularly ones with growth, texture, or plants. Built a body of work on it too. He had books and art galleries and such. Pity I forgot his name. It’s so interesting to see creatives (like you) embark on projects like these. Thanks for this!

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  2. I really
    Loved the variety and interest in the doors from your travels
    – the colors on air and the fun shapes –
    Oh and the glen ellen CA door feels like a great story prompt – the mood of the curtains and Peeling peach paint

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