Not Your Ordinary Travel Adventure

9 thoughts on “Not Your Ordinary Travel Adventure”

  1. That is one amazing trip! The photos are great as well. You should be leading overseas trips, perhaps with a focus on obese people with heart conditions. That would be a pretty big market share here in the U.S. Keep the stories coming.

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    1. Thanks. It was a good trip, and I’d love to revisit Prague. The pictures I have of it are few and not very good. Plus, there’s so much to see and do. But you could probably tell from the post that it’s Budapest I really want to return to.


  2. I am with you on the Wizz Air thing. In Indonesia, one of the airlines had a motto that was “We make people fly.” That didn’t seem right to me. In Thailand, we have Nok Air. Nok is a bird, and the have a cartoon bird on the plane. I also don’t buy wine with cutesy labels.

    I worked in the Alaskan tourism industry for many years and our clientele were like the doctor you speak of. We dealt with medial emergencies all the time. We needed the vodka for unwinding at the end of the day!

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