While I have been to Africa once, on a “gap summer, Eurail” experience, I would dearly love to return.  I often feel that the second largest continent contains some of the most enigmatic travel destinations, and Cape Verde, the answer to last weeks conundrum, not the least of them.

Now on to this week.  Again, no cycling destination, but I’ll wager that many of you have been and visited this place.  We haven’t.  But I will also wager that we will!

Guesses in the comments below, or directly to thetravelarchitectblog@gmail.com and remember to check back every couple of days for extra hints.

Good luck!

Hint 1:  This location is in the ancient center of the earth…  Okay, that just means it’s in the Mediterranean sea!

Hint 2:  This location has been home to several different civilizations, and is a part of the Cyclades.

Hint 3:  Once a single volcanic caldera, these islands are a stopping point for many Mediterranean cruises.

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    1. I’d like to apologize, but it’s not my fault! Like most things, the blame falls squarely at the husband’s feet.
      And by the way, I know what you mean. A blog buddy of mine recently published a post entitled Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid Chameleon. Guess what’s stuck in my head now?

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