Prepping for Travel: Learning Welsh

23 thoughts on “Prepping for Travel: Learning Welsh”

  1. I truly admire your effort to learn Welsh, and also thank you for the hilarity of this post, a wonderful break in the tedium of sitting at the Subaru dealership waiting for service. Now I’m feeling encouraged to pick back up on Duolingo and work on my Spanish – if for no other reason than to know the translations of so many street and place names out west.

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    1. Thank you so much! You’ve made my day! As for Subarus – as soon as we get back from England I’m buying a new car… a Subaru Crosstrek. Had a Forester years ago and loved it but after 3 years a huge buck decided to do head-butting practice against it while we were going 75mph, so the Forester (and the buck 😦 ) were no more. Then I bought a Ford Fiesta. Big mistake. I knew Ford’s reputation, but went ahead anyway. I’m going back to Subaru and I can’t wait. I just wish their new plug-in hybrid Crosstrek was available in the Midwest. Currently it’s only available on the coasts. What model do you have?

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      1. Holy Moly! Glad you guys were ok after the collision with the buck. We have a 2015 Outback. I’m excited for you about the new car! The Crosstrek is awesome, we just needed more space. My only regret is that we couldn’t afford to upgrade to the 3.6 litre engine, which could handle the mountain drives better and allow for towing a camper without taxing the engine. The new Foresters look great too.

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      2. How the Forester handled that crash is one of the reasons I love Subaru. Both airbags went off, the car was totaled, and the sheriff said he’d never seen a deer land that far away from the point of impact. This happened around 9pm (on Thanksgiving Eve) and yet the next morning we had only mildly sore pecs from where the airbags hit us and we were off to do a 5-mile Turkey Trot with no problems. If that buck had hit my Fiesta I’d be flattened like a pancake!


      3. Wow, that is truly amazing! This is our first Subaru and I love it so much. I’ve never felt safer in any other car. They are putting new tires on it today so I’m ready to put another 50,000 miles on it over the next to years just as we did the last two.

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  2. Firstly, it would be easy for me to laugh while thinking about you trying to pronounce some of those words, so I will *hahahahahaha* BUT some of them are really hard for me too and I was born there. I’m also weirdly touched that someone is making the effort to learn the language of my fathers (especially as I stopped learning it at age 14) and even if it will sound like a cat with a blocked nose eating a pretzel, I hope you can meet someone in Wales that not only understands you but actually speaks back to you in Welsh. Have a great trip and spill some beer on the holy ground for me.

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    1. Ha ha! I agree! Though I do believe all those Ws are vowels… at least some of the time. I started DuoLingo at the suggestion of another one of my blog buddies and I now know how to say, “Good morning.” That’s it, though. I’ll work on “Good evening” later today. 🙂

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  3. My mother’s side of the family was from Wales. My mother and her sisters could speak a little bit of Welsh, but I learned not a word of it. I’ve been to Wales [once a long time ago] and my memory isn’t of the language but of the beauty. Oh my goodness was it pretty everywhere I looked. Hope it’s the same way for you.

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  4. WOW!! I had no clue that the Welsh language was this complicated. I admire your eagerness to learn. I really want to improve on my Spanish, but always seem to get sidetracked when I try and make time.

    Have an amazing trip!!

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