A Photo Journey: Death Valley National Park

36 thoughts on “A Photo Journey: Death Valley National Park”

  1. Great photos! I always laugh at restaurants in small towns that have a sign proclaiming that they are “world famous” when most of the world probably hasn’t even heard of the town let alone the restaurant. I do want to go to Death Valley sometime, however.

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  2. Maybe it is iconic, legendary, famous from all its roles in movies and documentaries?? It certainly is on my radar and I live on the other side of the World. It’s amazing how something so desolate and harsh can still be incredibly beautiful. Where to next? Mel

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    1. Good point. I never even considered movies filmed there. You inspired me to do a little searching and it looks like several were filmed there, at least in part, including Spartacus, some of the Star Wars movies, Nat’l Lampoon’s Vacation, and several others.

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  3. Arenaceous and sere are new words for me. I’ll be sure to get those worked into a few sentences this week. Death Valley probably isn’t world famous but that is okay – there are fewer crowds than Yosemite and the Grand Canyon!

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  4. Always great to discover old photos out of the blue and it can be a trip down memory lane looking at what you took on your camera. These are some lovely shots of the Death Valley, and the words, parched, arid and arenaceous really are apt words here (I had to look up arenaceous too!). Looking at these photos I’d say this place is a special place – expanse, quiet, peaceful, lots of light in the day, quite a few hikes along the way too 🙂

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  5. No thanks, I’ll pass. I’m sick to death of deserts (pun intended).
    I like the scene in Elf when Buddy the Elf walks by a coffee shop in NYC bearing a neon sign that says “World’s Best Cup of Coffee”. He runs in, big grin on his face and shouts, “You did it! Congratulations! World’s best cup of coffee! Great job everybody! Great to meet you.”
    That’s my 2 cents.

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  6. Arenaceous is a righteous, world class word; gladiatorial. Are we not entertained? Yes we are. “Gloaming”… meh. I never glommed onto it.

    As prep for the next time you go to Zabriskie Point, you could watch “Zabriskie Point”.

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  7. This is such an entertaining post, and beautiful photos too!!! We visited DV in October, supposedly not busy season yet. Wrong! We couldn’t even get in the lot for Badwater Basin. But otherwise it wasn’t too bad, and we got to see as much as one could in 6 hours. It was really windy during our visit, so dust obscured the vistas, a bit of a bummer. Our last stop was Zabriskie Point, which was the other super-crowded area, but it was mesmerizing – probably my favorite part of the park that we saw that day. I wish we’d had time to hike there, through Golden Canyon.

    It wasn’t crazy hot (around 90-95 if I recall correctly), but still too hot and sunny for an afternoon hike, plus we had to get to San Diego that night. My husband – a heartier sort than me – wanted to run a “Death Valley Mile”, but he said that if it wasn’t 100 degrees out, there’s nothing notable about it, ha! I will definitely be back one day, and if I have my way, in the wintertime. The hubs will have to wait one more trip for that Death Valley mile!

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      1. Oh my! I can’t even imagine! He’s not a marathon runner, but he’s the kind of person that – if I told him about the Badwater Ultramarathon he might just make it a life goal, haha!

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