Thanks for all the submissions, and well done to The Travel Architect herself, as she submitted the only correct answer!

Photo by Alex Azabache on

Billy Joe and Bobby Sue robbed a man in… El Paso, Texas! Congratulations to any others that puzzled it out. I was inspired by the login screen on my computer. I do love a good desert…

This week’s quiz is a nod to my homeland.

ELC Episode 21

Go ahead and grab your atlases, have a ponder and leave your answers in the replies below, or send directly to Good luck!

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    1. The photo is supposed to be the answer to last week’s puzzle: El Paso, TX. It came up when the husband typed “EL Paso” into the Pexels Free Photos thingy on WP, but who the heck knows . . . maybe it is Cuba! In any case, you need to listen to the mini-pod to get the clues for this week’s puzzle. You can listen right from the blog on your computer. Good luck!


  1. Ah man, I’m annoyed at myself for not thinking of Old El Paso… I have multiple cans of their refried beans in my pantry right now 🤦🏼‍♀️

    With the help of the maps app on my phone, my guess for this one is the Tower of London!

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