Podcast episode 101 is available by clicking below.  It is also available on iTunes, Pocket Cast, and Spotify under the travel architect.

The end of our summer break has gotten the husband down, so I rub it in with an education-themed joke, but then make amends with my national day, leading to a debate about what’s “winter food” and what’s not. I’m spared the humiliation of one of his Travel Quizzes as he instead reveals the answer and explains the cryptic clues from his final ELC mini-pod (#27) of the summer. We then discuss what’s been making it so hard for me to keep up on my blog reading: our recent travel-themed party and fundraiser benefitting Cambodia’s Landmine Relief Fund. Finally, we reveal two new travel plans that are on the horizon for us in the coming year, both of which are international for the first time since the pandemic started. Nous sommes très excités!

Episode 101: Travel Trivia, G&Ts, & Desserts From Around the World

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  1. Nice podcast! I enjoyed your voices and stories. I also like your ideas for the fundraising party. Being an introvert myself, I’m of two minds about parties. I have a love/hate relationship with them. Most of them I hate. But I do like the trivia quiz idea, so I’ll chew on that for awhile then discard it as a generally bad idea for myself. It’s kind of like what I do when I bring home a doggy bag full of left over restaurant food, or buy too much lettuce at the grocery store. I save it for a week or so, and THEN throw it out.

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  2. Well, I got the Cape part right and I was on the right continent, so I give myself a 50% on the ELC. Glad to get some clarification on Hafun as well.

    Also, I’m with you. Chili is for fall and winter. Baked potatoes are a year round food.

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  3. I’m behind on my blog reading, too. Some times of year I can’t be arsed, while other times of year I’m hung-ho. As for winter food, there is a time and place for it… like in the winter!

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