The “What to Eat Where” List

11 thoughts on “The “What to Eat Where” List”

  1. Oh my Traveling friend, you would have to just settle down to eat all of the New Orleans staples but you MUST have a shrimp or roast beef poboy (if you aren’t wearing half of it, it’s not a good one, it should drip and make a mess), Red Beans and Rice, beignets, jambalaya, and I could go on and on.

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    1. Beignets I’ve had, but here in the Midwest, so they probably aren’t half as good as they are where you’re from. New Orleans was on the “must go” list, but then then Katrina happened and we wanted to give it time to recover, but then somehow it got lost in the vacation shuffle. Must start thinking about a city break to The Big Easy.

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      1. Oh gosh, yes. But PLEASE get out of the French Quarter and see what the area has to offer! We have some gorgeous architecture and eats in the Garden District, Uptown, MidCity, and even farther out of New Orleans (plantations, museums, and a plethora of outdoorsy things). I have a blog coming up in January for traveling New Orleans with kids, but it’ll give you some ideas. 🙂
        Let me know if I can be of help!

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  2. I’m thinking:
    Turkish Delight in Turkey
    Madagascar vanilla in Madagascar
    Penang Assam Laksa in Penang
    Pad Thai in Thailand
    Viennoiserie in Vienna (a stretch, but won’t we all stretch for pastry?)
    Parmesan cheese in Parma
    (and while you’re in Italy) Bistecca Fiorentina (and many, may other Italian named things)
    Seville oranges in Seville
    Jamaican beef patty in Jamaica
    Beef Wellington in New Zealand
    Lima beans in Lima

    this is a fun idea!

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