Eating local food is a big part of my – and almost certainly your – travel experiences – goulash in Hungary, croissants in France, frite in Belgium (where our Belgian friends insist French Fries originated),  fish-n-chips (& Anglo-curry) in England, paella in Spain… the list could go on and on.

Amsterdam (37)
Indonesian Rijstaffel is popular in Amsterdam.  Fourteen separate dishes was quite a lot of food for my mother and me, but I enjoyed every minute of the gustatory challenge.

However, several years ago the husband and I devised a different kind of food list for travel that we call our What to Eat Where list.  Basically, it involves eating a food in the location found in the name of the food.  So far, I have had:

  • French onion soup in France
  • French bread in France
  • Belgian waffles in Belgium
  • Black Forest cake in the Black Forest of Germany

    Black Forest visit (3)
    On the cusp of eating my Black Forest cake in the Black Forest.  As George Costanza says, “If I have to, I have to.”
  • Buffalo wings in Buffalo
  • Chicago-style pizza in Chicago
  • New York-style pizza in New York
  • New York-style cheesecake in New York
  • A Manhattan in Manhattan (I had a sip of the husband’s – that counts.)
  • Canadian bacon in Canada
  • Vouvray in Vouvray
  • Pie in Pietown, New Mexico
  • English muffins in England
  • Bakewell Tart & Bakewell Pudding in Bakewell, England
  • Shropshire Blue (cheese) in Shropshire, England

I am still missing:

  • Yorkshire pudding in Yorkshire
  • New York strip in New York
  • Philly cheesesteak in Philadelphia
  • Key Lime pie in the Florida Keys
  • Kentucky bourbon in Kentucky
  • Boston Cream pie in Boston
  • Hershey Bar in Hershey, Pennsylvania
  • Singapore Sling in Singapore
  • Baked Alaska in Alaska
  • Champagne in Champgne
  • Dijon mustard in Dijon (I don’t really like mustard, but I would eat it for the satisfaction of checking one off our list.)
  • Cubano in Cuba
  • Frankfurter in Frankfurt
  • An orange in Orange, France
  • Welsh rarebit in Wales
  • Moscow Mule in Moscow (Idaho or Russia.  I’m not fussy.)
  • Denver omelet in Denver*

*We tried really hard one time to find a Denver omelet in Denver, but ended up finally getting one in Boulder, so it doesn’t count.

If you can think of anything we’re missing, please let us know, and happy eating!!


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  1. Oh my Traveling friend, you would have to just settle down to eat all of the New Orleans staples but you MUST have a shrimp or roast beef poboy (if you aren’t wearing half of it, it’s not a good one, it should drip and make a mess), Red Beans and Rice, beignets, jambalaya, and I could go on and on.

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    1. Beignets I’ve had, but here in the Midwest, so they probably aren’t half as good as they are where you’re from. New Orleans was on the “must go” list, but then then Katrina happened and we wanted to give it time to recover, but then somehow it got lost in the vacation shuffle. Must start thinking about a city break to The Big Easy.

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      1. Oh gosh, yes. But PLEASE get out of the French Quarter and see what the area has to offer! We have some gorgeous architecture and eats in the Garden District, Uptown, MidCity, and even farther out of New Orleans (plantations, museums, and a plethora of outdoorsy things). I have a blog coming up in January for traveling New Orleans with kids, but it’ll give you some ideas. 🙂
        Let me know if I can be of help!

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  2. I’m thinking:
    Turkish Delight in Turkey
    Madagascar vanilla in Madagascar
    Penang Assam Laksa in Penang
    Pad Thai in Thailand
    Viennoiserie in Vienna (a stretch, but won’t we all stretch for pastry?)
    Parmesan cheese in Parma
    (and while you’re in Italy) Bistecca Fiorentina (and many, may other Italian named things)
    Seville oranges in Seville
    Jamaican beef patty in Jamaica
    Beef Wellington in New Zealand
    Lima beans in Lima

    this is a fun idea!

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