Episode 5: Not a Stellar Trip

20 thoughts on “Episode 5: Not a Stellar Trip”

  1. I remember the eclipse as one of the most awesome experiences of my life so I say go for it, you might get lucky. And if the sun shines and you’re not there……..

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  2. Oh Travel Architect. You should probably sign up for some counseling, since your travels have obviously done significant damage to your psyche. You may even want to look for a volume discount on the sessions. To bridge the period before you lay down on the couch and begin to talk about flat tires and mean kids in second grade, I would sugggest that you try to look at the bright side of things. You experienced an eclipse with no damage to your eyes. You got to see Missouri just like the pioneers saw it- at three miles an hour. You had a trip you will always remember. Had the trip gone perfectly, it would just be another forgotten paint splotch of the tapestry that is your life. Now go outside, take a deep breath and be glad that the sun came out from behind those clouds. Shalom.

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      1. I’m with Dave in this one. I love reading about your travel mishaps but counseling def seem to be in order. And as a trained clinical psychologist (albeit one who quit her job to retrain as an English teacher) I feel you should hurry up and do it before its too late and your negativity runs so deep not even Freud himself could help you! 😉

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  3. If there’s any predicted stunningly beautiful amazingly significant event in the skies above where we live, I can guarantee you it’ll be cloudy and rainy here on that night/day. I now read about such things and *shrug* which makes a little sad.

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  4. I was lucky to have a good eclipse viewing experience from Madras, Oregon (having traveled from Utah). Everyone was worried about visibility because there were forest fires in the Sisters region, but winds were favorable to us. Nonetheless, I’ll not become an eclipse-chaser. It was amazing to experience, sure, but THE TRAFFIC AFTERWARD was appalling! The 55 miles back to Sun River, Oregon took hours and hours and hours and more antsy, grouchy hours.
    Plus, my guess is that every time there’s an eclipse, the wheel must be reinvented in terms of crowd control, feeding and quenching said crowd, bathroom needs, medical contingencies, etc. Perhaps some enterprising minds could establish a company that plans and organizes all the details, and then moves from place to place as eclipses are forecast. Any budding entrepreneurs among this readership? 😉
    Our group’s stroke of brilliance was that my sister- and brother-in-law brought along their composting toilet (from Y2K) with one of those camping shower tents for privacy. So when the need arose, we gazed with pity at the long queue of people numbering in the 50’s and 100’s lining up to use the insufficient number of porta-potties.
    The other benefit of our eclipse trip is that I was finally able to check out the fun, cool & hip town of Bend.
    BTW, I loved your comments, Dave C.

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  5. We got so fed up with the traffic on the highway from Wyoming to Boulder that we turned onto an unmarked (and eventually unpaved) possibly private road that took us through cattle land and into the rockies. Was it shorter? Probably not. Was bombing around in our rental car way more fun than sitting in traffic? Yup!

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    1. Sounds like a blast, especially since you didn’t have a run-in with an angry rancher. Bad eclipse traffic seems to be a theme, so I think I’m going to try to find a way to live until 2099 and then crawl up on my roof to watch it.


    1. I better have been to Thailand (and scores of other places) before 2099 or I’ll be very crabby on my deathbed. By the way, I get plenty of exercise, but I do have the occasional donut and cocktail (not at the same time). Should I be worried? Oh, and positive mental attitude? You bet, as long as it’s not when I’m driving or otherwise having a negative mental attitude.

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      1. A donut and a cocktail won’t do you much harm…in fact you’ve given me an idea for a trendy new business idea – a bar with just cocktails and donuts ‘Dotails’…or ‘Cocknuts’…maybe not the second name… I look forward to seeing you in Thailand by 2098


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