Today the husband and I went for an early morning run.  My personal pledge is to never use any form of the verb “to hate” with any form of the verb “to run.”   However, I can tell you that running is an activity that, for me, varies from barely tolerable to outright loathsome, but that I nevertheless participate in for reasons that are beyond the scope of this blog post.

This is me at the end of a 5-mile race.  Not a pretty sight, is it?

Anyway, I often require distraction on a run to keep my spirits up, and that was definitely the case this morning.  (We were doing Fartleks, a diabolical form of exercise in which periods of jogging are interspersed with frequent periods of sprinting.)  The husband, who coached high school running at his previous school, is a good sport and is always willing to accommodate me.  (That is, accommodate my need for distraction, not my slow pace.)  He knows very well that travel is the best topic to pursue if he wants to prevent me moaning and whining most of the way.  (Unfortunately, he’s also figured out that he can use it to distract me from noticing he’s led me down the long route until it’s too late.)

(If, like me, you’d rather read about running than actually do it, here’s a related post: Should This Thanksgiving Tradition Be Banned?)

The topic I chose today – fun to discuss and relevant – is where we should go for a long weekend this fall to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.  We’d love to do something longer, but that’s pretty much impossible with our teaching schedules.  Instead, there is a built-in four-day weekend in mid-October that will work perfectly.

So we tossed around a few ideas: Miami, New Orleans, Charleston.  After several paces the husband added that he wouldn’t mind going to Houston because it’s an aerospace hub.  I immediately replied that I was nixing Houston.

Me: I’m nixing Houston. (huff, puff)

The husband: What?!

Me: I don’t want to see science-y stuff on our wedding anniversary trip. (puff, gasp)

The husband: You can’t nix destinations.

Me: I thought it was understood that we could nix each other’s extremely bad destination ideas. (wheeze, puff)

He didn’t like that and immediately increased the frequency and length of the sprinting portions as punishment.

Property of the science geek husband

By the time I staggered to our back door, I had settled on putting the question to my readers.  So this is where I need your suggestions.  First, though, a few rules:

  1. It has to be a direct flight from our local airport.  With just four days, I’m not fussing with layovers and multiple legs.  Thus, I have a narrowed-down list of places from which you can choose that meet this criterion and that have passed the “first impression” test.
  2. It has to be moderately warm.  By mid-October, we here in the Midwest are well on the downward spiral toward winter, so freezing on this trip would put something of a damper on it.

And now, the choices:

Charleston, South Carolina

Pros: We’ve wanted to go there since we listened to Charles Kuralt’s America on audiobook ages ago.

Cons: We’ve always wanted to take the Bobbie on a southeast road trip that would include Charleston, Savannah, and the Smokey Mountains, so we’re kind of saving it for that.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Pros: Again, it’s been on the “we should go there” list forever.  Kinda wish we’d done it before Katrina.  (Note: the “we should go there” list is not to be confused with the Dust-Farm-Pail List, which is a different kind of list altogether.)

Cons: Not sure what’s there besides Bourbon Street and the French Quarter.  We’re the “early to bed, early to rise” types – would The Big Easy be a good fit for us?

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Pros: What’s not to love about Albuquerque?

Cons: We were just in New Mexico this past summer, and we’ve been to Albuquerque before.

Miami, Florida

Pros: Beaches, warm weather, and a chance to eat Cuban food.  Also, serious incentive to drop 10 pounds.

Cons: It just might kill the husband to be there and not go diving.  Also, it’ll be hurricane season!  See also New Orleans cons.

Lake Tahoe, California

Pros: Natural beauty

Cons: Google Maps® tells me it’s an hour-long drive from the Reno airport.  Now we’re talking about the fuss of a car rental.  Also, it kinda makes it a two-leg trip, which we are trying to avoid.

San Francisco, California:

Pros: I haven’t been since I was 18 and the husband has never been.  It’s another place on that “we should go there” list.

Cons: Not sure what the weather’s like mid-October.  Also, would we be tempted to squeeze in wine country and end up overloading our short stay?  What’s worse, it’s very hilly.  The husband would almost certainly make me do hill sprints.

Nassau, The Bahamas:

Pros: Tropical paradise that appears to be the same distance away (and has the same weight-loss incentive) as Miami.  Also, the husband can check it off his peculiar “former British colonies that I’ve visited” list.

Cons: It’ll be hurricane season!  Also, isn’t it in the Bermuda Triangle?!?

So help me people!  Can you weigh in on any of these destinations with authority?  I welcome desperately need your input.

Update: If you’d like to know the destination we ultimately chose, you can find it here.  And thanks to everyone for the input!! 🙂  If you still have thoughts and ideas to contribute to this conversation, please don’t hesitate.  If the husband plays his cards right, there will be more anniversary trips to plan in the future!


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  1. I feel your pain and ‘hatred’ of running – I have a bad hip which excuses me from running (haha!)
    As for your trip…hmmm, it’s a tough one, especially as I haven’t been to ANY of the ones mentioned. Personally I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans…and San Francisco…and…I’m not helping am I? New Orleans!

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  2. I vote for New Orleans. Never been there but everyone says I should go…..not during Marci Gras though.
    Nix Miami.
    Charleston is beautiful, but a trip in Bobbi sounds better.

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  3. Fly to Montreal, spend a day exploring. Take the train to Quebec City and practice your French language skills and eat like a Queen for two days. Fly home. It will be like a vacation in France over a long weekend.

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    1. That is the best suggestion. Who’s Dave? Anyway, we would be picking you up in Mtl and either stay in Mtl for the weekend or drive back home in Québec City. October is so beautiful here! We could be your guides. And guest that: no car location and no hotels. 😀
      We miss you
      Edith and Steeve

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      1. Dave is our Italy traveling companion, frequent Bridge partner, and non-follower of directions. We would love to visit you and we have talked about doing it in the not too distant future, but I’m afraid it won’t be over the anniversary weekend. Any chance of a Leadville meet-up? We’re thinking of going in mid-June. We miss you guys, too!


    2. Not a bad suggestion, but it doesn’t meet any of our criteria. Tsk, tsk, Dave, for not following directions. Plus, now you’ve gotten Edith all excited and I’m going to have to try to let her down easily.


    1. … especially Texas. Ha ha! Once again, we have a similar world view. 😉 Albuquerque because it meets the criteria of a direct flight. We were just out road tripping in the southwest this past summer, which included a long awaited repeat stay in Santa Fe, one of my favorite US cities (Taos is up there, too). We had Carlsbad on the itinerary but decided last minute to skip it and attach it to a future itinerary that would also include Guadalupe Mountains National Park (in Texas!). We did do Roswell, White Sands, and a few other places. I think for this 4-day weekend we’re looking at less roaming and more exploring whatever place we’re in.

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  4. Lots of great options!! San Francisco is amazing, but agree with you that you will want a few extra days if you are going to do Napa/Sonoma as well. Miami is also great, but it would be tough for me to by that close to Biscayne NP and Dry Tortuga NP and not go diving too. My vote would be Lake Tahoe. I have never been, but have heard it’s amazing. No matter where you go, I can’t wait to read about it!

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  5. I can totally relate to this post on many levels! I too, am not fond of running, yet still do it. Ugggg But I LOVE traveling and I have a great recommendation for you. We just went to Savannah for 4 days to celebrate our 25th anniversary and it was a BLAST!

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    1. Great to know. Thank you! I hope you blog about it. So far I have been spending much of my travel architecture efforts on New Orleans and San Fran, but you’ve just given me a reason to give Savannah a more serious look. Happy anniversary!

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  6. I went to New Orleans for a wedding in October and was pleasantly surprised. Bourbon Street area is a disaster but fun for a one night visit. However, we stayed in the Garden District and loved it. There were walkable streets, neighborhood bars and restaurants, cool architecture, and lots of trees.

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    1. Good to know. Thanks for the advice. We are definitely wary of the party atmosphere, as we would not fit in (and you’ve never met anyone as intolerant of noise while sleeping as I am). The garden district sounds nice. I will give it a look.


  7. I know you wrote this nearly two weeks ago and I’m late to the party here but . . .
    Houston is miserable. Crazy traffic, crowded, dirty. The Space Center is o.k. They have some cool stuff. We wouldn’t go again.
    New Orleans – Fabulous!!! Skip Bourbon Street though, its just crowded, touristy, and nasty. Other streets within a block or so offer a better version of the same thing. Eat beignets and have chicory coffee!! We’re good at just wandering though, so we were happy just wandering the city for a couple of days.
    Tahoe: I’ve spent a ton of time in Tahoe (husband’s family used to have a house on the lake). Its pretty. Ummm . . . yeah, that’s about it. There’s hiking and stuff.
    San Francisco: You would have to come up to Sonoma and we could say hi in person!!! It will be cold and foggy in October. Oh, wait, its always cold and foggy!!
    Miami: I LOVE Florida!!! LOVE Cuban food. LOVE the beach and I LOVE humidity (I know, I’m one of the few). I love all of that so much, I’m even willing to put up with the large lizards that roam around (at least they did at the place we stayed).
    And we plan our entire year’s worth of trips in December of the previous year, or January, at the latest.

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    1. Wonderful information. It’s interesting – each blogger gives me their own perspective and I learn a little something from each one. Your feelings about NOLA are echoed by many. Thank you so much for your insights!! They will help inform our decision. (And Napa/Sonoma wine tasting is definitely something we want to do, but probably in summertime.)

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  8. I’m no fan of Texas, and Houston certainly sucks. But I’ve always wanted to check out San Antonio with it’s Riverwalk, water taxis, great restaurants and shopping… I’ll bet 4 days would be perfect.

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  9. I would say Miami or New Orleans. P.S I’ve gone to Florida every hurricane season over the last 3 years and have never had an issue! I will actually be there and going on a cruise in October and am not worried. New Orleans is on my bucket list though!

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