Who knew Palm Springs, California, would be awash in artful doors?  Not I, but it is, and I’m pretty sure I just scratched the surface.


In Joshua Tree, California, it was a door and windows.

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  1. I do love a good door! The intricate carving on some of them is just stunning. I’m envious of door spotting in the sunshine, current UK weather conditions have me hiding firmly behind closed doors rather than out admiring them!

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  2. Such a wonderful collection of truly beautiful doors. I love embracing one of the simple joys of travel by wandering through cities and admiring their doors. Apparently Dublin is one of the cities with the most beautiful doors. When Dublin’s Georgian townhouses were first built, they all had the same colour doors. Due to strict town planning laws the rest of the exterior was exactly the same too, so Dubliners started painting their doors different colours to assert their individuality. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day. Aiva 🙂

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